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No Thanks Mercedes, We Won’t Be Buying An E Class Hybrid Diesel & Neither Should You

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The Mercedes E Class hybrid plug-in diesel is something of an oxymoron. A Classic contradiction that makes no sense at all. Diesel hybrids don’t work and as Mercedes will find out, diesel hybrids don’t sell. Therefore the Mercedes E Class plugin diesel hybrid is a complete waste of £47k and totally contradicts the corporation’s vocal electric vehicle strategy. 

Peugeot launched the 508 RXH Hybrid Diesel a few years ago. While it was decent enough it was ponderous and was actually less efficient in terms of mpg than a normal diesel.

We won’t be buying a Mercedes E Class Hybrid because we can’t afford it. Rats in a sewer live better than us. And they probably earn more.

Nevertheless, the problem with a hybrid diesel is weight. The diesel engine itself is heavy. Add the weight of a battery pack and electric motors and you’re not really solving anything.

That said, automotive engineers are way smarter than us. An automotive engineer working for any car manufacturer would never propose to engineer a diesel hybrid.

So why did Mercedes decide to release a diesel hybrid knowing it’s going to be useless in the real world? The motivation is always profits.

A diesel hybrid is another sales channel to exploit. Mercedes has invested billions in developing diesel engines. They want a return on all that investment.

You’re better off buying a diesel-diesel if you want real-world efficiency. But then you are going to be penalized with all sorts of anti-diesel taxes and costs.

Thanks to Volkswagen the death of the diesel-powered car is nearing. Or is it? Diesel cars are bad right now, sales have plummeted considerably since the diesel-gate scandal.

However, for the time being, maybe for the next 50 years, the diesel engine will not die because it is too big to fail.

Cleaner technology will be developed. Hopefully, the Germans will learn their lessons. Hopefully, they will actually develop “true technology” and not simply market lies to sell more.

But please do not consider buying a diesel hybrid Mercedes E Class. Such cars do not work, and are irritatingly hypocritical.

With the E Class Hybrid diesel, Mercedes are saying we’ll save the world before we plan to burn it down. They will live securely below ground in their palatial bunkers while the rest of us will be above ground sweeping away the ashes.

And for that reason you Mercedes E Class Hybrid Diesel, YOU are the worst car of the week.



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