Veko Smart Battery Charger Is The Modern Way The Bring Back The Dead….Battery

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So we were sent the Veko Smart battery charger by Simply Car, and because we drive fairly new cars we didn’t quite know what to do with it. So like a twitcher we had to wait until something happened. Fortunately, our colleague’s “spare car” a 12-year-old Range Rover Sport had a developed a flat battery after a few weeks of inactivity. We have never been so delighted to have a flat battery.

Then we thought how the hell is this compact charger going to work on the Range Rover Sport? Always read the instructions is the old saying. And for once we did.

It turns out that the Veko smart battery charger can handle petrol and diesel engines up to 3-litres.

Veko Smart Battery Charger, Range Rover Sport, charging,

We still had our doubts. Now if you are looking to “boost charge” your battery, a smart battery charger isn’t designed to operate in such a way. It’s more of a “trickle” charger.

But that’s a good thing because if you boost charge your battery regularly it will actually damage the battery over time.

The Veko smart battery charger is a fully automatic 6V/12V charger for 1.2-120 Ah batteries. It is designed to work with golf carts, campers, vans, motorbikes and of course vehicles.

One of the neatest things is that the charger has a faulty battery indicator. So if your battery needs replacing a little LED light will flash amber and let you know.

Veko Smart Battery Charger, Range Rover Sport,

So the Veko battery charger is fairly easy to use. Plug it into the wall and connect it to the battery terminals. All rather simple.

And it took a few hours, around 5 hours in total to fully charge the Range Rover Sport’s battery. That’s OK. We’re fine with that. At least the battery’s life has been extended.

So for £22.99, you get a cheap but smart way to charge your flat battery. Although it will only work with lead fee acid batteries.

The Veko smart battery charger will not work with Lithium-ion batteries. But it does offer a winter charging mode, a 5-stage intelligent charging, and protects against overloading and short-circuits.

It is a smart charger after all.



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