Scotty Kilmer Hostage Video, Popular YouTuber Pleads To Pre-owned Car Buyers

If Scotty Kilmer was a real motoring journalist he would have been sacked years ago. However, the one-man-band of YouTubers is going strong. Kilmer’s YouTube channel has over 1.5 million subscribers. Kilmer has an amateurish approach to filming, but his advice is what draws in views.

We don’t mind his cheap-ass approach. There is no 4k, no Phantom Flex 4k camera with studio lighting. A Scotty Kilmer video always looks like a hostage video. And it’s all filmed by Kilmer himself.

In this video, Kilmer discusses why you shouldn’t always pay for a certified pre-owned car. Then he rambles onto a completely different subject… about cars… of course.



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