Doug De Muro Explains Why Everyone Hates The Mercedes AMG GLE63


Doug DeMuro really hates the Mercedes AMG GLE63. or so we like to think. but how can you hate a car loaded with V8 Bi-Turbo, 586bhp performance coupe SUV. Therein lies the problem. The AMG GLE63 is a coupe with an SUV determination. And that is what is wrong with this particular Mercedes.

It try’s to be too many things in one. A coupe. An SUV. A performance SUV. The Mercedes AMG GLE63 has a mixed identity with little practicality afforded to most SUV’s.

And the name alone is just too long-winded. But Doug doesn’t go for the name, he uses his usual surgical analysis to operate a precision dissection of the AMG GLE63.



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