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Lil Baby Fits 24-inch Wheels On Customised Big Baby Mercedes G550

Lil Baby, customised Mercedes G Wagon 550, massive,

So you drop out of high school for supplying with intent, get a 2 year sentence, get released and suddenly you’re a rap star. Your name is Lil Baby, three years into a music career and you rub shoulders with Drake.

So what do you do with that hard earned money? as with any rags to riches tale… you spend it. So Lil Baby decides to buy a new Mercedes 550 G Wagon and customise it to his own taste.

Lil Baby, customised Mercedes G Wagon 550,

Turns out one man’s taste is another man’s… taste. But whether you question Lil Baby’s customised G550, you can only say one thing.

Them-those wheels are massive, 24-inches mahoosive. Lil baby had to widen the wheel arches to fit them mother ….ers on (we’re talking rap speak).

The G550 is in standard factory spec, but we can’t help think that this blue monster looks over the top. What ya’ll think bro?

Question: does anyone still say mahoosive these days?


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