Complete Your Nissan GT-R Mod With The Recaro Sportster GT Seating

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We have a personal grievance with the Nissan GT-R. It simply sucks. The issue isn’t with the performance, sure the front mounted, twin-turbo V6 is good for an insane 600bhp. And sure, the GT-R can take on a Porsche 911. But the interior design sucks. Even the new revised interior… sucks. It’s partly down to the seating, the GT-R seats look more at home in a Range Rover and do not belong in a sports car. If you own a Nissan GT-R or are considering buying one to modify then maybe you should call… an aftermarket specialist. Or better still consider proper sports seats.

The Nissan GT-R’s standard ‘grandad-comfort-seats’ is a 20th-century mindset approach. A sports car should have a driver-focused interior. For Example, McLaren Automotive design interior environments that are driver-focused. Minimal. Yet comfortable.

The GT-R is trying to be part sports car part Grand Tourer and as a result the interior sucks.

Brothers and sisters, the good Lord has seen it and he disapproves (of the GT-R seating). Redemption, REDEMPTION! the Nissan GT-R can redeem itself. And I say redemption comes in many forms, redemption is Recaro. Specifically the Recaro Sportster GT.

If you are looking to modify your GT-R or go down the aftermarket route then a must-have upgrade is to get rid of the standard seating and go for Recaro seats. You get the same levels of comfort and bucket seats are designed to hold you in place when you max it.

Recaro is an established manufacturer of automotive seating. The company is headquartered in Germany and as you know the Germans have exacting high-quality production standards.

Recaro supply seats to the leading automotive manufactures think Audi, think Aston Martin to name but a few. They even supply the aviation industry.

The Sportster GT is the latest performance seating from Recaro. Comfort is provided by high shoulder supports, back bolsters and thigh supports.

Additionally, the integrated lumbar support provides comfort on longer trips. They will also look cool inside your GT-R.

The Recaro Sportster GT seat is manufactured to the highest standards. The backrest is made from a lightweight yet super strong reinforced polymer.

The solid metal-alloy base ensures the seat has strength and rigidity, yet the overall weight remains low.

The Recaro Sportster GT is derived from the company’s motor racing experience and has been homologated for road use.

Available in a range of black cloth/vinyl and high-grade leather combinations the Sportster GT will be offered with three suede insert colors: red, cloud grey and blue.

It is expensive, but luxury seating with a motorsports focus is a must of you take your day to day driving seriously.

Most importantly the Recaro Sportster GT simply looks cool.


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