Yo, Yo, Yo Check Out The Luxury Car Hustle of Miami

No one says yo, yo, yo anymore, that phrase belongs to the 1990’s and I don’t know anyone in Miami who uses it. Not the street scene, not the hustlers not the rappers. And I don’t know what the street scene actually means. You see I just finessed you… reader person you… errm… you didn’t even know. 

Turns out if you want to make it in the Miami luxury car rental business you got to learn how to hustle. make money to make money.

The Vice network follows one owner of a real luxury car rental business and a 23-year white-due hustler who acts, talks and walks like a rapper.

But it turns out that this Miami native featured on the Vice Network was just fessin it all up.

“Fessin” is just a modern day take on jive-talking.



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