Marques Brownlee Man, Living With A Acura NSX Supercar

It’s Marques Brownlee, Youtube man, MKBHD man, smart man, tech man, rich man. The biggest revelation in this video is that Marques Brownlee man reveals he has placed a deposit for the Tesla Roadster. The Tesla Roadster will cost £189,000 GBP when it is released in 2020. This is Tesla. Expect delays.

Nevertheless, Tesla is taking reservations, a deposit costs £38k. That means Marques Brownlee aka MKBHD man is rich. It’s estimated he is worth a cool $2m.

Anyway, Marques Brownlee is one of the top YouTube tech reviewers, we’ve been watching his YouTube channel for years. It seems like years, he is still only 23.

Damn! we should have started a YouTube channel. But there isn’t a looker among us here at DCB.

MKBHD man’s concise tech reviews are delivered with a wry and dry sense of humor. It’s inoffensive stuff and as a result extremely popular. He has over 6.7 million YouTube subs.

Now he has branched out into reviewing cars. Mainly supercars thus far claiming to be interested in the in-car technology.

The biggest appeal to us is the quality of his videos has now reached broadcast levels with videos uploaded onto his channel in 4K.


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