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Digital Wing Mirrors Will Make You Want To Be The First In Line To Buy A Lexus

Lexus ES, digital wing mirrors,

The amount of technology that goes into a modern, 21st-century car is beyond anything imagined even 5 years ago. The product planners may have had it mind, but us mere car buying mortals didn’t. Consider the various driving assist technologies such as lane or steering assist. Braking assist. Touchscreen infotainment systems, wireless charging. Technologies that were once never imagined or the preserve of luxury cars have filtered down from the imagination and into more everyday cars… Except maybe Dacia or to a lesser extent Renault.

After years of dreaming, the fully digital wing mirror has arrived. Toyota will be rolling out the technology in October and the first recipient will be The Lexus ES.

Lexus ES, digital wing mirrors, close up,

The Camera is mounted into a streamlined wing mirror. The digital viewing screen sits somewhat awkwardly nestled inside the corner of the A-pillar, just above the heating vent.

Lexus ES, digital wing mirrors, the camera,

Indeed, from a design persepctive, the integration of the interior wing-mirror-monitors looks appallingly, clumsily implemented. A rush, perhaps, to be the first to offer such technology.

We don’t like the Lexus design solution. While the exterior wing mirror looks like the future the digital viewing monitor looks like a cheap Sat-Nav screen from 2004.

Lexus ES, digital wing mirrors, clumsy design execution,

Adopting a digital wing mirror has benefits. It improves aerodynamic efficiencies due to its low profile. And it will also reduce wind noise. And it simply looks like the future. From the outside at least.

But the biggest pro is that it will look cool… for a short while before the wow-factor wears off and it becomes normal.

Lexus ES, digital wing mirrors, interior,

Japan is the only country where Lexus will offer the technology. Lexus has yet to get regulatory approval from other parts of the world.

Which seems odd considering that it’s OK to install a Dash Cam in your car. Audi is also set to debut a digital wing mirror in the e-Tron EV SUV.

Audi’s proposed solution is far more sophisticated and integrated into the interior design, fitting flush into the top corner edge of the door panel. Although we doubt it will be as fully functional as the concept.


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