Change Your Engine Oil Regularly Or America Will Be Plunged Into Civil War Says Scotty Kilmer

Change your engine oil every year to keep your running silky smooth so says Scotty Kilmer, one the most unlikely of YouTube stars, perhaps of all time. But Scotty Kilmer seems to give a sweaty, on camera performance which looks as worn out as his workshop.

Scotty Kilmer and his famous high-pitched, naturally falsetto voice sounds fatigued and as run down as an engine that hasn’t had the oil changed for two years.

Indeed Scotty Kilmer and his YouTube videos often begin with a lot of common sense advice. Later on he ratchets up the fear levels and ends up sounding like one of those survivalists, you know the types who stockpile food and weapons in an underground bunker, just in case the Russians invade or a second American civil war erupts.

Our advice is simple, yes change your engine oil regularly, and remember always ensure you have two underground bunkers just in case the first one is destroyed by a bunker busting bomb.


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