The Toyota Supra Nascar ‘Lite’ Looks Wrong But Will Sound Awesome

Toyota Supra Nascar Xfinity, NASCAR, front view,

Nascar is the most watched motorsport series in America, and correct me if I am wrong, stock racing is the second most popular. Americans don’t like Formula 1, they like good old fashion uncomplicated racing and Nascar is just that. But the Toyota Supra Nascar is designed for what is effectively the Nascar ‘lite’ Xfinity series, a category below Nascar proper.

The Toyota Supra Nascar will replace the Nascar Camry, the later had a ten-year stint in the Xfinity series and leaves with four manufacturers and two drivers championships which included a total haul of 147 wins.

Toyota Supra Xfinity, NASCAR,

The Toyota Supra Nascar Xfinity will mark the return of the Supra two-door coupe sports car,  a joint collaboration with BMW who will also use the chassis for the next generation Z4.

However, the Supra Nascar Xfinity is a standard issue, regulated body with only the front nose section, which is modeled on the Supra’s concept car, featuring Toyota-designed branding. And of course, the livery design will be heritage specific.

Toyota began preliminary work on the Supra Xfinity in 2017 from its US-based racing development subsidiaries.

So the Nascar Xfinity is really a branding and marketing exercise to create a racecar winning image for Toyota and of course the forthcoming Supra. Doing so helps Toyota to sell… more Toyota’s, the theory being that people want to be associated with a successful racing brand.

Toyota Supra Xfinity, NASCAR, rear view,

The Supra Xfinity will house a 5.8-litre, pushrod V8 engine which produces between 650 and 700bhp and 520 pound-feet of torque (705Nm).

As of now details of the road-going Toyota Supra are thin on the ground but expect Toyota to borrow a 3.0-litre, 335bhp turbocharged engine from BMW.

The Supra Xfinity Nascar will be properly prepared for the race track, featuring a roll cage, indeed all Xfinity Nascars will share the same spartan analog racecar interior dashboard and steering wheel setup.

Toyota Supra Xfinity, NASCAR, track side,

The Toyota Supra, by comparison, will be a fluffy pillow in terms of comfort levels, the road-going prototype will debut at the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed with market availability expected from 2019.

You know what? if Toyota could make a barely modified road-going going version of the Supra Xfinity we would place an instant order. But it will never happen.

Unfortunately, we’re more likely to see Earth becoming a planet of the apes than we are to likely see a Supra Xfinity road car.


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