The Nissan Mercedes X Class Maybach Is A Horror Show We Never Envisaged

Carlex Design Mercedes X Class Yachting Edition,

No, no, no, no! If the Nissan Mercedes X Class wasn’t bad enough, a higher-end version inspired by the Maybach is just too much to contemplate. If you don’t know already the Nissan Mercedes X Class is a pile of junk with a premium badge stuck on the front grille to confuse idiots that it’s a full-blown Mercedes. If Nissan sold the standalone Navara to European consumers, and they do, it wouldn’t sell because, and it doesn’t much, let’s face it most Europeans are r… radical… thinkers. 

Yet here we are, in 2018, with the Mercedes nameplate being exploited to sell the Nissan Mercedes X Class to a higher end idiot clientele with more money than sense.

And why not? If I could get away with sticking a Gucci label onto a 10p Tesco shopping bag (Walmarts if you reading this from the states, Carrefour if you are from France, Kiwi if you are from Norway) and get away with charging £100 then that is a worthy return on initial investment.

And that’s what this Nissan Mercedes X Class is, its just a 10p Tesco shopping bag.

OK maybe we should be fair and give you a bit more info. Bespoke automotive outfitters, Carlex Design has taken a bog Standard Nissan Mercedes X Class and reworked the exterior and interior.

The exterior has newly modeled rear lights, beefier wheel arches, and new front bumpers along with a carbon fiber body kit.

Inside features quilted Recaro sports seats, Alcantara headlining more leather and even real wood detailing on the surround dash area.

We don’t have a problem with Carlex Design, bravo to a superbly executed job.

We have a problem with the Nissan Mercedes X Class, it should not exist, it should never have been contemplated it is a mere 10p plastic shopping bag with a Deskjet printed Gucci label sellotaped onto it.

And for that reason, the Nissan Mercedes X Class Maybach is the worst car of the week.


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