Down Goes Nissan! Down Goes Nissan for Falsifying Emissions Test Results

Nissan cheat, lying killing people,

Nissan has admitted to cheating, lying and killing people. It appears there has been a global conspiracy to cheat on emissions tests, first VW, followed by a whole host of other manufacturers whose executives have been looking over their shoulders ever since the scam was uncovered. Executives, who are trying to figure out how best to avoid getting arrested. What Nissan has done should not be underestimated for its lack of empathy for the very people buying their cars.

Pollution emitted by cars is a major cause of respiratory illness which causes early deaths the world over. That is why governments from across the major nations have introduced strict emissions laws governing the limitation of pollution emitted by diesel and petrol cars. And that is what motivated companies like Nissan to take risks at the expense of public health, and they were also motivated by making profits.

Auto manufacturers are liable to receive huge fines if these emissions targets are not met. To get around this car manufacturers developed new technologies to reduce emissions. But existing technology was not advanced enough. To meet these new emissions targets car manufactures decided to simply lie and cheat their way through tests. it’s that simple.

Nissan released a corporate statement saying it had improperly measured exhaust emissions and fuel economy data for 19 models sold in Japan.

In other words, Nissan has admitted to lying, cheating and killing people, the latter of which is admittedly an over the top statement that made our lawyers gasp is nevertheless fundamentally proveable on a statistical level based on scientific research on the effects of car pollution.

This new admission is the second act of a story less than a year old. The company has tried to make it appear as if the lying, cheating, and killing of people was discovered after an internal audit. Which is lying about the lies to cover more lies.

It’s a cynical attempt to make Nissan look more responsible to the eyes of the public, but the markets will have the biggest say. Nissan share prices have fallen 5 percent, the lowest in over a year.

Nissan also admitted to simply making up fuel economy figures to make their cars appear more fuel efficient than they actually are. The lies and cheating are said to date back to 2013 and could possibly go back further.

A number of employees have been blamed by Nissan for the cheating and lying, but as with all such corporate, white collar crime, it’s highly likely that Nissan’s top executives orchestrated the lying and cheating.

Will Nissan go down? Highly unlikely it’s a too big to fail institution. Fines will be inevitable, careers will be cut short but the corporate machine will live on. And those who have died as a result of Nissan’s negligence, they have no voice for their rights are now silenced for an eternity.


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