F1 2018 Game Previewed, Codemasters Characters Still Look Like Zombie Eyed Mannequins

As much as I like F1 games I still can not quite get into console based F1 games because for my personal tastes they are often way too ‘arcadey’. That’s why I haven’t played the Codemasters series of F1 games too often and will most probably skip the F1 2018 game, they lack the finesse of a proper F1 simulator.

Yes, the F1 2018 game as previewed in the video looks great but the digital character modeling still appears as though Codemasters used the big book of Zombies.

All the characters have a dead-eye, thousand yard expression meaning actual zombies have more life to them. But the spookiest aspect of all is the career mode, I have never liked it, its completely and utterly useless, I just want to race.

Codemasters should ditch the career mode and recreate the feeling of driving an F1 car. Add better crash and realistic effects and improve the graphics and multitude of in-game engines.

Of course being a console game it should appeal to all skill levels, from easy to pure simulator not this middle of the road compromise.

The characters should be in the background purely to re-create the atmosphere. The career mode and character modeling requires more computational power so the game developer will create shortcuts, like the zombie looking characters with unrealistic skin tones.

A digital character requires a lot of polygons, a more realistic digital character requires an enormous amount of polygons. An enormous amount of polygons will require more computational to make a game world function smoothly. So cutbacks are made in other areas to make the whole game perform at a decent level.

These cutbacks can be seen in the digital characters… that look like dead-eyed, zombies.

It’s true that modern day consoles are powerful gaming entities but Codemasters also show the limitations when trying to push the barrier.

Maybe Playstation 5 will finally end the zombie looking characters-era seen in the F1 2018 game, the preview shows that is not possible right now.


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