Shmee150’s Net Worth Revealed

We can’t be sure how rich Shmee150 really is, and it doesn’t matter if he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth or if he bootstrapped his way up to becoming a YouTube superbrand. From our extensive investigative work we have discovered that Shmee150 left school at 18, set up an online retail tech business in London which quickly became successful, sold that business, moved to New Zealand to become a Ski instructor, picked up a ski-related injury and moved back to England, got a job in the back office of a London based investment consultancy, started YouTube-ing, left his proper job, and is now is full time YouTube-ing and making lots of money.


Further investigative research, not available online, reveals that Shmee150’s father is indeed a very successful London based investment banker/stockbroker. Stock Broker’s can earn a lot of money, however, Shmee150 is a tale of one man bootstrapping his own way to success.

Shmee150, real name Tim Burton also works for a number of automotive brands advising on social media campaigns and strategies. He also has an online retail store selling Shmee150 branded accessories. Combine this with additional sponsorship and YouTube revenue and…

We are none the wiser to knowing just how much Shmee150 (Tim Burton) earns  every year, we can guess but it doesn’t matter, it’s all about the content stupid.

About £2m per year.


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