Our Future Is Electric Says Volvo CEO


Haven’t Tesla already phased out ICE powerplants? In actuality Tesla manufactures pure electric cars, we all know that of course. But Volvo was the first of the major premium car brands to unequivocally state that for it the days of the diesel ICE engine is all but over.

When the new generation Volvo S60 saloon launches in spring 2018 it will be offered with mild-hybrid petrol, plug-in petrol or pure electric variants only.

New environmental legislation surrounding the concerns of toxins emitted by the average diesel engine has suddenly made diesel-powered cars public enemy number one.

Volkswagen unwittingly sped up the debate and probable demise surrounding diesel-powered cars when it was discovered to have falsified diesel emission results to pass emissions regulations.

Under new Chinese owners, Volvo is committed to a  mild-hybrid, hybrid and eventually a pure electric future.

The Chinese market is important, however, authorities are moving ahead with radical plans to tackle air-pollution that blights many urban areas and cities.

For public health reasons, China wants to end the sale of diesel cars and eventually phase out petrol cars, as do many governments across the world.

Of the top 20 countries listed as having the most polluted urban areas, China ranks 13th, Pakistan is number 1.

China’s desire is, for want of a better phrase, to clean up its act. Volvo is simply spearheading it’s corporate strategy early so it doesn’t lose a vital sales advantage.


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