MKBHD Discusses Google Duplex, The Most Realistic Human AI Assistant & A Threat To Carmanity

A few days ago Google unveiled ‘Google Duplex’, Duplex is a human-centric, machine learning AI. Every time you use and interact with your Andriod smartphone or tablet Google is learning and all that data is crunched by computers which allow Google to develop new products such as Duplex.

Duplex is still in development, it is a real-time AI, an assistant that speaks and can hold a conversation with such realism that is impossible to distinguish from real human speech patterns.

The demo by Google showed how Duplex booked an appointment with a hair salon, the conversation was held in realtime.

Indeed Duplex was so convincingly natural that the receptionist had no clue she had just engaged in a conversation with a computer.

This technology does have many moral and ethical questions and relevance because one day Duplex will be on your smartphone.

When Duplex is on your smartphone it will become available everywhere and that means in-car infotainment systems.

So, for example, you receive a text message while driving, you can’t access your phone, then you can ask Duplex to read the message and send a response. And that’s just the beginning.

Google Duplex is a few years away from being released, tech geek and YouTuber, MKBHD, discusses Duplex… so we don’t have to.


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