Unbox Therapy Man Buys A $2500 Lambroghini Smartphone

His name is Unbox Therapy man and he runs a YouTube channel called Unbox Therapy, it’s a very popular YouTube channel with over 10 million subscribers. A YouTube channel with over 10 million subs is a “kerching” to make money through YouTube’s ad-sharing deal with it’s most prominent content creators. However, these days, if you have the wrong content type YouTube will de-monetise your videos.

So Unbox Therapy man has acceptable content which means his channel earns enough revenue for him to buy a $2500 phone, he can easily earn that investment back, this video probably generated around $7,000.

But would you buy a Lambroghini smartphone for $2500 when you can buy a Galaxy S9 for $799 or an iPhone  $1380. Both are expensive but a Lambroghini phone is certainly more expensive-er.


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