Top Athletes Who Love Cars More Than Life

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There is no doubt thousands of athletes across the globe have had a kill from their sweat. Some are known for boasting flamboyant lifestyles. This is especially the case when it comes to their choice of lavish cars and spendthrift homes.

These professional athletes’ paychecks read millions of dollars annually but they are equally making some of the wisest financial decisions as well. Most of them also use car covers to protect their car from UV rays, pollutants, and dirt among others.

However, the athletic industry has witnessed new crop of these sportsmen emerging, joining the club of big spenders. But, there are also those earning a lot but choose to spend a less expensive life.

Who are these athletes with a unique collection of cars?

1: Kirk Cousins


The NFL star player of the Washington Redskins is known to have to have signed a contract with his team poised to rake in up to $23.9 annually this year alone beside many other deals.

These celebrities are arguably some of the top earners. They famously own luxury assets including expensive homes at the Pacific coastline and 6 luxury cars from the top brands.

Their love for cars is evident in the Mercedes Benz C Class. Moreover, they own the Savana passenger van able to do 100,000 miles from the GMC Yukon (which is quite a relatively cheaper compared to the rest of the expensive cars).

Additionally, on their belt are the Ferrari F12, the Berlinetta Mansory La Revoluzione, Alfa Romeo Tuettottanta Pininfarina, and a Conversion Van among many other brands.

However, despite hanker for cars; they also value buying appreciating assets as opposed those depreciate over time. This is a reason the Cousins aren’t into as many sports cars and Yachts and beach wear.

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