The Best Cars For Those On A Budget In 2018


Whether you’re looking to purchase your very first car or upgrade your existing model- when it comes to choosing a vehicle your budget will influence things dramatically. Most of us have a maximum budget we can afford when it comes to running a car, and so considering the overall cost (or monthly finance costs) insurance, road tax, fuel economy and likely repair costs are all important. While style, technology and safety features amongst other things will all influence your choice, when it really comes down to is what you can realistically afford to spend. If you’re on a tighter budget, here are just a few cars that are economical to run in 2018.

Low on Running Costs and Road Tax

Research has shown that electric cars are now cheaper to own and run than diesel or petrol in the UK, US, and Japan. Along with providing a more environmentally friendly way to drive, the lower costs are what account for the rapid rise in electric cars. Because electricity is cheaper than petrol or diesel it means that the fuel costs are lower, and on top of this the more simple engines mean that repair costs often work out less too.  Research looking into the total cost of ownership of cars (including the purchase price, depreciation, fuel, insurance, tax, and maintenance) over four years showed electric cars came out on top. With zero road tax for electric vehicles, this is another cost you don’t have to worry about when purchasing these vehicles. The Volkswagen e-Up, Nissan Leaf, and BMW i3 were amongst those that came out on top in rankings of electric cars.

Low Insurance

Insurance costs are one of the biggest issues when it comes to driving. If you’re young or a newer driver it will be the cost of insurance that’s the problem- even more so than the cost of the car. Therefore choosing a car that’s low on insurance will likely be the most important thing. Run lots of quotes for different models, or use a car insurance calculator to find out what you’re likely to have to pay. Usually smaller cars with smaller engines are cheaper to insure so you could consider models such as the Nissan Micra, Peugeot 2016 or Citroen C1 amongst others which make great first cars.

Cheap to Purchase and Maintain

If you’ve been driving for many years and already have cheap insurance rates, if you’re looking to purchase a car for cheap then you might just be looking for something that’s inexpensive to buy. Older, pre-owned cars will only ever set you out a few hundred to a few thousand- but you risk them breaking down. Therefore go for something that has shown to be reliable. According to Auto Express, the Skoda Citigo, Hyundai i10, Honda Jazz and Kia Rio are amongst some of the most reliable older cars out there. That way you can purchase an older model cheaply, knowing that they’re some of the more reliable models.


The Best Cars For Those On A Budget In 2018
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