Five Car Technologies that Were Born at Racing Garages


If you have to think about one sport that has shaped the future of cars, you must consider racing. While car manufacturers are constantly working on technologies and safety features that can make our driving experience better, they often reach out to racing garages for inspiration. A lot of the things you can see on modern cars were tested and developed by racing companies before they reached the general public.

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  1. Direct-shift Gearboxes

Clutchless manual transmissions or direct-shift gearboxes – according to some – give you the best of both worlds. You will be able to enjoy changing gears, but don’t have to balance in the clutch all through the journey. Cars from the VW group; Skoda, Audi, Volkswagen, and Seat are using this technology to make drivers’ life easier and deliver better fuel economy than automatic cars.

  1. Push Button Ignition

To start off at the beginning of the race faster and get into gear, racing drivers asked for a faster way. Push button start is a common feature of today’s luxury cars in production, such as BMW. Obviously, comfort is more important for the general public than Formula One drivers, and some manufacturers have now created remote engine start, as well as remote locking and opening using a mobile phone app. You can improve your car with an aftermarket installation, just have to talk to a reliable service center, such as Clovis Auto Repair to discuss your options.

  1. Disc Brakes

The initial brake design was drum brake, and when professional drivers in the 1950s hit the track they demanded something more efficient and reliable, so disc brakes were born. They stay cool for longer, and provide a better overall performance. They can be vented as well, so the heat doesn’t impact their performance. Today, almost all cars have a front disc brake, and further developments have been made to the technology, such as using ceramic or carbon.

  1. The Use of Carbon Fiber

The strong, durable, and lightweight material was – of course – introduced by racing car developers first. Today’s Mercedes and Ferrari F1 cars are made of almost entirely carbon fiber. Car manufacturers developing vehicles for the general public have started to experiment with the material; adding bumpers and grilles, so they don’t make the car too heavy on the road and can improve its fuel efficiency. Next time you see a car with a carbon fiber accessory, think about Formula 1.

  1. Rearview Mirror

It is interesting to know that this basic element of today’s cars – and one that is necessary – was not introduced from the beginning. The safety feature was introduced in racing in the early 1900s, when drivers asked for a better view over what is going on behind them, so they can plan their next move and maneuver better. Today, we couldn’t imagine driving without this feature, but it was only added after racing drivers tested cars in challenging situations.

If you are wondering where the best technology features of modern cars came from, you don’t have to look further than racing garages.


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