We’ll Be Surprised if The Fisker EMotion Is Ever Made


Remember Henrik Fisker, former Aston Martin designer, founder of defunct Fisker Automotive? Well, he is back, 14 months after relaunching his electric car dream, in its latest guise, Fisker Inc, the new company revealed its first product at the CES 2018 show. The EMotion is a luxury 4-seater electric car with a range of 400 miles. That’s all you need to know, end of story right? Well no.

Performance figures are said to be around 780bhp, 0-60mph in under 3 seconds and a 161mph top speed with power fed to all four wheels meaning 4 separate electric motors will be used to drive those four wheels. Logical.


The EMotion is a pure electric Grand Tourer and rides on 24-inch low-profile tires, it’s full of technology featuring the latest passive and active safety technology and a touchscreen UI for all interior controls.

The EMotion will be powered by a next generation, solid-state battery based on the wonder material known as Graphene.


Imagine Graphene to be a layer of thin carbon, a hexagonal structure which is microscopically thin but is as strong as steel and superconductive.

Graphene is, theoretically, such a versatile material that it could have multiple uses other than providing the next generation of super-long-lasting battery technology.

And that’s where the whole story of the Fisker EMotion suddenly falls flat. Graphene is extremely difficult to manufacture in large quantities.


The other problem we have is that Fisker is touting a fully automated car, ready to go. But legislation for autonomous cars has yet to be fully ratified either on a federal or global scale.

Fisker does point out that their autonomous tech is future proof, but the technology is still in its infancy, and prone to error.

There is no evidence of Fisker making any investment in developing such technology to meet its specific parameters.


In the future, Graphene will be manufactured on an industrial scale and a battery made from such a material will offer future EV’s a 500-mile range that can be recharged from zero to full in 60 seconds.

Nevertheless, the Fisker EMotion has a launch date of Q4 2019, with prices starting at £129,000.

But for now, we’ll give the Fisker EMotion a thumbs up, but that solid-state, graphene battery? it won’t happen just yet.

Let’s just wait and see if the EMotion ever makes it into production.

(we would like to make a correction, the article mentions the EMotion will use graphene battery technology, Fisker Automotive have contacted us to confirm this is factually incorrect. To confirm, Fisker Automotive will indeed not be using graphene technology and will use a lithium-ion battery from LG Chem)


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