Somebody Finally Found A Good Way To Make Use of A VW Passat

Let’s face it the VW Passat is a terminally boring car, and that’s not to be laughed at. As much as it may be unexciting it’s also very appealing in its ability to crunch miles upon miles without blinking an eye, the Passat is the ‘Terminator’ of A – B motoring.

In the hands of a two time, Formula Drift and three-time Global Rallycross champion the Passat is transformed to meet Tanner Foust’s specific requirements for the purposes of hooning-around.

The 2.0-litre turbo-diesel is removed from the engine bay and in its place is a Chevrolet V8 race engine which is good for 505bhp.

With a bit of modification Foust and his team have upped the power stakes to 900bhp thanks to the addition of nitrous oxide.

All that power is now fed to the rear wheels just so Foust can drift to his delight.


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