Car Throttle Compares The Kia Stinger GT To A Pile of Dog Shit

We rarely if ever feature anything by Car Throttle because their success is so annoying. Let me put it this way our audience consists of a dog and a defecating cat. Car Throttle’s audience is global it is in the millions, they have cultivated a large following on all media channels (so say the corporatists). But we do secretly watch their YouTube channel. We are but a spec they are the new kings of their domain and we congratulate them.

OK, so we admit the banner headlines are deliberately misleading, we don’t want to turn into the Dail Mail. But part of the video does consist of Car Throttle’s followers tweeting and comparing the Stinger GT to a pile of dog excrement.

Kia has come a long way in a short space of time that much is evident and the rear-wheel drive, V6 twin-turbo Stinger GT is a sign of confidence.


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