Nico Rosberg On The Sacrifices Required To Beat Lewis Hamilton

He is the only teammate to beat Lewis Hamilton to a world title campaign during a competitive season in F1, albeit within one team. Soon after Nico Rosberg retired after securing hsi F1 championship in 2016, the toll of competing against Lewis Hamilton was only sustainable for one year and he drew his fair share of criticisms for doing so.

One thing Rosberg always had was speed, but not the mental consistency. So when he won his one and only F1 title a lot of detail went into the preparation just beat the formidable Hamilton.How-Nico-Rosberg-Beat-Lewis-Hamilton-iPlayer-Dailycarblog

In this video from the BBC Sport website, Nico Rosberg describes how he set about winning his F1 title and the sacrifices he was prepared to make.


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