4 Reasons Why Owning A Personalised License Plate Is Considered A Luxury


There are many people who own personalised license plates and it is not only the affluent that own such personalised plates. Some consider it as a statement of individuality while others view the personalised license plates as a form of investment. Personalised plates are frequently used in movies and serves as the status symbol of a character. It may also be used to describe the personality of a character. However, there is even a larger crowd of people who don’t own personalized license plates and they view these plates as an ostentatious waste of cash. Without straying away from the topic any further, here are 4 reasons why owning a personalized license plate is considered a luxury!

  • Serve as a status symbol

A personalized license plate is considered a luxury because it doesn’t add any sort of function to a vehicle. Many buyers simply purchase exorbitantly priced license plates to serve as a status symbol. The dateless style is considered the most expensive number plate style; basically, the date of the car is not openly displayed on the license plate. Many people purchase personalized number plates to show that they are rich and affluent.

  • Expensive

A Gucci bag is considered a luxury simply because of the fact that it is expensive. Personalised license plates don’t add function or feature to a car. Yet, they are very expensive. Don’t they sound more like a luxury than a necessity then? Abu Dhabi property mogul, Saeed Abdul Ghaffar Khouri, holds the distinct honor of being the proud owner of the most expensive number plate; he acquired the number ¨1¨ license plate for a staggering 7.25 million pounds back in 2008. When asked why he spent so much on acquiring the number plate, he simply stated that he bought it because it was his most cherished number plate. John Collins purchased the registration number ¨25 O¨ for a whopping 518,000 pounds at a DVLA auction in 2014.

  • Get Noticed

Of course, the world is filled with attention-seekers. And, most of them purchase personalised number plates simply to set themselves apart from the other drivers on the road. It goes without saying that a person who has a personalised number plate wants to draw attention to himself/herself. Purchasing expensive number plates simply to stand out while driving is rather extravagant, isn’t it?

  • Have a unique identity

So, why is a private number plate so attractive to many people? Well, the beauty of a private number plate is that it is one of a kind. Hence, when a person purchases a private number plate, he takes pride in knowing that no one else has it. In addition to that, many people purchase private number plates to express themselves; they consider it to be the ultimate personalization. Can you afford to pay a large sum for a personalised number plate? If you can’t, shouldn’t you consider it to be a luxury then?


4 Reasons Why Owning A Personalised License Plate Is Considered A Luxury
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