Once Common Now Gone, Car Features That Have Been Discontinued


Remeber the CD Player for the car, built into the dashboard or stacked into the rear of the boot? Before the CD player became a must have car accessory it was the tape deck, remember that? Happy days. Or were they, tape decks always lost sound quality, the tape would often un-reel and one would spend many hours re-winding the tape back into position to save the precious content. 

CD players changed all that and the sound quality would never deteriorate, but the disks would and once scratched the lasers couldn’t play the tracks properly.

It’s 2017, time for the CD is all but over as digital downloads replace convenience with far greater convenience. I guess they call it unplanned obsolescence.

Is the digital download set to become the norm for a far greater period then the tape deck and CD Player combined? Only time and technological revolutions will tell.

In other words, I can’t rightly say unless someone develops a means of downloading music content directly to your brain. Sounds silly doesn’t it?

But as a concept, the iPhone must have sounded rather silly too and look what happened when it was released, one day it may well be seen as being as revolutionary as the American Civil War.

Sounds silly, doesn’t it? So to do digital downloads, I mean downloading files over the air and saving music tracks onto your device it almost sounds like teleportation.

All said and done, the car and technology have advanced more in the last 15 years than the preceding 85years. That’s called progress folks.


Infographic Brought to You by CJ Pony Parts

Once Common Now Gone, Car Features That Have Been Discontinued
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