Lamborghini Aim For The Third Millennium With The MIT Co-Developed Terzo Concept


Lamborghini has teamed up with top boffins from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in a three-year partnership to create future supercar technology… but only at a theoretical level. However, 12-months in and the partnership has already yielded a typically outlandish Lamborghini concept and equally outlandish technology. The Terzo Millennio (translated means “Third Millennium”) at first looks like a classic, wedge shape, outrageous concept from Lamborghini. And it is just so.


The Lamborghini is a pure electric super-hypercar powered not by lithium-ion batteries, as is the current norm, but With MIT’s input, the Terzo is powered by carbon fiber supercapacitors.

Supercapacitors are currently used in hybrid cars but are used for ancillary purposes because they possess for low powered functions. Like stop/start functionality. Think of current supercapacitors as mammals living side by side with dinosaurs in the Jurassic age.


Lithium-ion batteries release energy by a chemical reaction which over time degrades after repeated charging and discharge.

Supercapacitors store then release energy, currently, they offer very little power. The main advantage over a lithium-ion battery is that a supercapacitor develops very little heat.


The current disadvantage of supercapacitors is that they do not develop much power.

Interestingly Lamborghini could (at a theoretical level) make supercapacitors out of carbon fiber body panels. In effect, the Terzo’s body could be one huge energy storage device.


Just as outrageous as the Terzo’s looks are the “self-healing” properties of the carbon fiber body which has micro-channels that could detect and automatically repair small cracks.

Sounds illuminating as it is outlandish, just as the iPhone must have been when it was first conceptualized and proposed.

Looks like folks from the 21st Millennium won’t be around when the Terzo is finally released if it ever is.


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