Is It Worth Spending £2300 On VW Golf R Performance Pack Upgrade?


No, it isn’t, you can tune it your self for around £400 GBP if you pay a specialist tuning company who will re-map the engine and you’ll get a lot more hp too. This is effectively what auto manufacturers do already, these upgrades are pre-planned into the lifetime of a cars production life-cycle. The Golf R’s Performance package is just one example, it’s just an ECU (engine control unit) re-map.

VW’s globalist Performance Package agenda does include Spielberg alloy wheels, more downforce, improved brakes and a top speed of 166mph, they removed the limiter.

I personally wouldn’t contemplate doing 166mph in a Golf R with or without the Performance package. This is not a car aero-optimised for high speed.

VW isn’t finished with extracting more money from your empty head because they think you are stupid enough to pay an extra £2950 for a titanium Akrapovic exhaust.

And the money laundering doesn’t stop there, semi-slick Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2’s could make it on the options list.

In standard form, the Golf R is priced from £32,710 (OTR RRP) or £33,995 (OTR RRP) with the DSG gearbox.

We say buy a GTi, it offers a much purer driving experience, having driven the Golf R it was stupidly fast, had no real flaws but felt vacant on all levels.


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