This Is The New Tesla Electric Truck… Revealed

The revelation was created by digital artist Peisert Design who used official teaser and spy shots to give a clear indication of the Tesla Truck’s styling.  The Tesla truck was due to revealed later this month, however, Tesla has announced a three-week delay shifting the reveal date to November 16.

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, promises something different for his electric truck, but he hasn’t specified what the difference will be, as ever Musk is promoting through words rather than results.

The delay is being caused by production issues on the Tesla Model 3 and also because Tesla diverted resources to help the relief effort in Puerto Rico.

The Tesla truck will have a limited all-electric range of between 200 – 300 miles, this will restrict usage to short-haul journeys.

Musk, having driven prototypes, has claimed that the Truck drives more like a car and less like a … truck. Hype or fact, we” know in November.


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