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The New Mini 1499GT Is The Ultimate Mini-Me John Copper Works


With a mandate from German quartermasters, BMW, to create more sales, Mini has been under pressure to perform. Rather Mini is under pressure to improve sales performance and if this does not happen Germany will line up its British employees against a wall and shoot them… a P45. With ideas thin on the ground it seems Mini has been crushed by this unrelenting pressure, their answer? a limited edition model… (for pity’s sakes)

The Mini 1499GT is limited to 1499 units and is inspired by three-cylinder original, the Mini 1275 GT which was built in 1969.

Like the original upon which it’s based the 1499GT uses a bog standard three-cylinder engine although this time around it’s a twin-turbo unit which is good for 102bhp.


So why should you buy a 1499GT? the exterior reuses the styling kit from the John Cooper Works Mini and you have unique to spec stickers… Alrighty then.

The interior also features John Copper Works seats.There will be a choice of two colours, Pepper White or Midnight Black with unique to colour graphics… Alrighty then.


Mini also throws in a sports suspension, from the John Cooper Works model, and all of the standard features you find in a Mini One.

So what the Mini Me John Copper Works, aka 1499GT, is… is a restyled Mini One… Alrighty then.

If you’re dumb enough you can order one right now from a Mini Dealership near you, and don’t be surprised if you hear laughter once you sign the dotted lines.


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