The 2017 Ford GT Is The Best Of America


We don’t don’t flag wave, we don’t do nationalism or socialism and we here at DCB Towers certainly don’t vote and no we do not watch Fox News. We don’t beat the drums of national pride and hell we don’t do false patriotism or even real patriotism. What is it that makes and defines a country? America is defined by Vietnam, KKK, freedom, no freedoms and supersized portions of food.  


Sometimes a non animate object can define a country better than a President and one such object is the 2017 Ford GT which can draw from it’s own rich automotive history.


The 2017 GT represents the best of America in the same way Neil Armstrong represented America at the start of the space race.


The 2017 Ford GT will cost $450,000, Ford demands a 50 percent deposit… That’s a lot of money.


The twin-turo 3.5-litre V6 engines gifts the GT 647bhp and 746 Nm of torque.


The GT is constructed from carbon fibre in addition to a carbon-fibre monocoque. Gorrila Glass is used for the windshield to reduce weight.


This is a racing inspired supercar with active aerodynamics  and pushrod suspension.

At $450,000 the 2017 Ford GT is expensive… if you have a spare $450,000 dollars please kindly send us a cheque we can do an electronic transfer if it’s easier.


The 2017 Ford GT Is The Best Of America
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