Jaguar XF Sportbrake Goes On Crash Diet In Time For Wimbledon Debut!


We have a problem with Jaguar and it’s sister brand Land Rover. The problem isn’t related to the products but it’s to do with the PR department or more specifically one individual there within. This individual is Lindsey Dipple, the Jaguar Land Rover UK Press Fleet Co-ordinator. Isn’t it the case that PR professionals are representatives of whatever organisation they work for? Because we deal with automotive PR teams, from time to time, we here at DCB Towers see PR professionals as ambassadors for the brand they represent, they have a duty to represent their brand and the values of their corporation with responsibility.

And like Ambassadors a PR professional performs his/her function governed by a certain amount of diplomatic etiquette. Many are outstanding, are dedicated professionals and are a credit to their profession and organisation.

There are a few PR people who come across as self-absorbed human beings, that’s only to be expected when you give responsibility to individuals who can’t readily handle corporate responsibility. Thankfully these individuals number just a few.

These individuals have one ability, to inflict damage on the reputation of their brand and the entire PR team they ‘proudly’ represent. Because they lack temperament and basic judgement, by their actions they cause alarm and concern about the function and purpose of their PR team.

One those individuals is Lindsey Dipple. Dipple is an embarrassment of a ‘diplomat’ because she plays by her own set of rules which is governed by a narrow minded, personal and selfish agenda. That’s how she comes across.

Our feud with Dipple is private and long stand standing, best kept behind closed doors, we don’t want to create a fuss or make a scene. But the last interaction was inevitably rude so we said ”fuck it, let’s play the game by her rules”.

You see with Dipple there are no rules and there is no end in sight for this is a fruitless endeavour. Lindsey Dipple is like a smiling assassin, we have never trusted her and she has been dismissive of us from the B of the beginning, we can live with that but the rudeness? No, not anymore.

DCB is not the biggest publication around, we are a blog, small and agile. But we do comprise of individuals who have come from professional backgrounds so we are no strangers to the working’s of blue-chip organisations.

Dipple is proficiently good at her job but lacks professionalism, she comes across as friendly and if you met her you would think she is the nicest person around. It’s just a character she has created. We can see through it, we always have. That’s just our opinion.

When we experience Dipple’s lack of professionalism our opinion of Jaguar Land Rover becomes skewed. We can only surmise that her behaviour is condoned by the rest of the PR team and that the entire PR department behaves in a similar vein. Out of control. No rules.

That’s the problem with Dipple’s lack of professionalism, she has made her organisation and her PR team look like a spiteful group of individuals who actually have nothing better to do with their time.

One individual is responsible for this.


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