Ford Says The Marstang Update Was Inspired By Darth Vader, I Smell Bullshit

Jeremiah Clarkson, anti-semitism

The similarities between the Ford Mustang and the Aston Martin DB9 are so striking that you would be mistaken if you mistook one for the other. Therefore creating a portmanteau for the Mustang was easy, there we just did it – Aston Martin + Ford Mustang = Marstang – If a Japanese company or Korean company did this blatant rip-off, vis-a-vie copyright infringement, then the western automotive media would be up in arms. Accusations of ‘originality’ would roar like a Lion in a cage. No one accuses us British of infusing Indian cuisine in our boring as hell English food. I LIKE THE SMELL OF CORN FLAKES CURRY IN THE MORNING!

Ford themselves like to wine and dine the automotive media in an effort to win them over. Ford UK PR routinely invites selected media to an annual all expenses paid skiing holiday. And guess what happens? the media/journalists never forget Ford’s PR generosity.

This kind of corporate bribery creates loyalty and anyone who steps even slightly out of Ford’s line of sight is shot down. And believe me, if Ford could get away with beheading journalists who don’t toe their particular line they would. Hell, they would probably even hire ISIS to carry out a hit.

This sickening sycophancy is deplorable and I personally would avoid attending a skiing holiday with Ford’s PR department. Imagine having to force laughter at yet another unfunny joke. I wouldn’t consider it a holiday at all. It would be more like a suicide mission… or an assisted death.

Buying the media isn’t new and to Ford’s credit, they are experts in buying media loyalty because it creates silence, a total absence of criticism. And the Ford Marstang is a perfect demonstration of how a car company can blatantly tear the style guidelines from Aston Martin’s design bible.

Where is the criticism of the Marstang? Remember that ”Ford oath of Loyalty” it “forces journalists” to like even the old crappy Ford Escort. And I have never understood why they (people) liked the Ford Capri, it was utter gobshite at the time and it’s a fucking bygone embarrassment now.

But it’s all become clear to us. Because many motoring journalists are both greedy and needy, Ford pounces on them with free alcohol and eat all you can canapes. In the end, they all get used to being fed and fattened by corporate knives and forks.

To distract from this copyright theft of Aston Martin’s design language, Ford’s head of design, Martin Betancourt, said in an interview that the front end of the 2018 Marstang was inspired by Darth Vader. Now they are infringing on the Star Wars copyright.

Or is it that they (Ford) acknowledge the Marstang so blatantly rips off the DB9 that they have changed their message. As the banner headlines say, I smell utter, steaming, hot bullshit.


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