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Five Ways On How To Stay Safe When Selling Your Car Online


Many people know that selling a car privately instead of trading it in to the dealer is the way to get more cash for it. However, safety can be a concern when selling your car online. How can you trust a potential buyer? Should you let them come to your house? Take a look at these five ways you can stay safe when selling your car.

Meet in a public place.

One important tip for sellers is to meet in a public place. A populated parking lot of a major retail store or mall are good places to meet because there are always people coming and going. If a person planned on doing something illegal, he or she would be less likely to carry through in a public place due to the witnesses.

Take collateral before a test drive.

It’s not a good idea to go on a test drive with a potential car buyer. While they’ll be driving your car and you don’t want them to do anything that could damage it, riding in a car with a stranger can be dangerous. Your car isn’t as valuable as your life. Instead of hopping in the passenger seat, considering holding the potential car buyers car keys or other collateral to ensure they’ll come back with your car safe and sound.

Utilize the online world.

The Web is great for a lot of things, from shopping for a birthday present to finding a new job. Today, you can do more than sell a car online; you can take advantage of the modern world and find your potential buyer too. When you’re setting up the time to meet to look over and test drive the car, get the buyer’s full name so you can search it online. You will likely find the person has a Facebook account and get a face with a name so you don’t have to worry as much about letting them drive your car. While all potential buyers won’t have an online presence, many will. If you don’t find anything when you search the name, no need to worry. A lack of social media presence isn’t an automatic red flag.

 Follow the laws.

When listing your car, you have to consider legal ramifications. Every state has its own set of rules of how buyers and sellers deal with a vehicle purchase. Check the DMV.org to check your particular state’s requirements. Even if it’s time to junk your car, you can sell the vehicle online for parts. Just ensure you know the documents required, from the title to the bill of sale, to officially get the car out of your name.

 Practice vigilance.

The number one tip  when selling a car is to practice vigilance. If something doesn’t feel quite right, it’s okay to tell the potential buyer you do not want to meet. Another smart option is to bring a family member or friend along if you’re meeting someone. He or she can help you feel relaxed and will aid in making the car-selling process one that is a smooth as possible.

Take these tips along for the ride and make sure you are willing to negotiate on the price of the car in order to close the deal. Remember that honesty about your car is always the best policy.


Five Ways On How To Stay Safe When Selling Your Car Online
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