Fernando Alonso Cramming In Last Minute Study Ahead of The Indy500

Many have questioned the wisdom of Fernando Alonso’s decision to even contemplate entering the Indy500, but it’s too late now as F1 ace Alonso didn’t need asking a second time if he wanted to compete. He most certainly did. With limited time to prepare Alonso is cramming in some serious revision.

Alonso has had a torrid two seasons with McLaren Honda F1, Honda’s return as an engine supplier has gone up in smoke literally.

Back in the day F1 drivers routinely switched from one race formula to another, Alonso’s temporary switch isn’t anything that hasn’t been seen or attempted before.

So when Honda offered a Indy Car race seat both McLaren and Alonso said yes to a one-off race, Honda supply competitive engines to the race series.

The legendary Indy500 will take place on May 28, Alonso will skip the Monaco Grand Prix especially to enter.

With a competitive F1 outing at the last race in Spain has Alonso been too quick to jump ship for one race?

No… this is going to interesting from a fan, marketing and advertising perspective.


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