Top 5 Mistakes We Make with Car Tyres

Car tyres are not just an important part of the way your car runs – they are an essential part of the safety system of any vehicle. If you don’t keep them in good working order, then they are not going to be able to look after you should you need to break suddenly, to swerve at the last minute or if you hit some debris on the tarmac. By not making mistakes with our cars’ tyres, you and your vehicle’s occupants should remain safe. Furthermore, by doing things the right way, your car will run more efficiently helping you to save money for every mile that you drive on the road.


1. Ignoring Cracks and Bulges

The side of your tyre may not come into contact with the road, but it is a good place to look when you want to assess its overall condition. Cracks in rubber come about for all sorts of reasons and they can indicate a more serious issue. Likewise, side bulges are a sign that the tyre is not at its best and may blow. Touching a kerb or hitting a pothole with a cracked or bulging tyre could easily lead to a blowout and loss of control.

2. Fitting Incompatible Tyres

You don’t need four tyres from one maker to drive legally, but all your tyres must be suitable for the model of car you drive. If not, then you may be in breach of the law. Therefore, avoid part-worn tyres that might be sold by a second-hand dealer and seek expert advice for compatibility.

3. Pushing the Limit With Tread Depth

Although almost everyone knows that if they are running around on bald tyres, they are liable to be stopped by the authorities and could even lose their license as a result, there are plenty of drivers who want to maximise the length of time they have between changing tyres. This is something of a false economy because even tyres which are within their legal limit won’t necessarily be able to provide sufficient grip on all road surfaces. For example, legal tyres which have partially worn down perform less well in rainy conditions. In addition, worn tyres are more susceptible to small stones puncturing them – a problem if you drive on a trackway or have pea shingle on your drive. Point S car tyres dealers will guide you well regarding your tyres and advise you when to change them so always use a reputable dealer for new tyres and best advice

4. Driving on Under-Inflated Tyres

This is a dangerous thing to do and is all too common unless you reinflate your car’s tyres every few thousand miles. Under-inflation serves to lower your grip and is particularly problematic when you need to corner because the tyre spreads out to the side and could even come away from the wheel hub and shred as a result.

5. Driving on Over-Inflated Tyres

Tyres which are excessively pumped up cause as much trouble as flat ones. If you have over-inflated your tyres because you were towing something or had additional weight to consider, then let them down again afterwards. Over-inflated tyres round out at the bottom like a pumped up balloon and this means less rubber is exposed to the tarmac which, in turn, reduces the amount of grip that you can achieve.


Top 5 Mistakes We Make with Car Tyres
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