MG Will Never Build The E-Motion But At Least It looks Nice


This is the MG E-Motion and it is a concept a look into MG’s future all electric aspirations. The internal combustion engine will one day go the way of the steam powered engine, it will become an obsolete footnote in the annuals of engineering history. However the internal combustion engine has many, possibly many more, decades to go.

The concept of an electric powered car is over 100 years old, but the same problems remain today as they did back then. Battery technology.

Developing batteries that can match or even supersede the efficiency of highly polluting fossil fuels is the holy grail of battery technology. There have been breakthroughs but these have been limited to laboratory results.


What works in the laboratory is difficult to scale up into a full blown production proposition and sometimes scientists might fake results to get on the Noble Prize list. But at least the E-Motion looks nice and for now we can bury our collective heads in the sand and believe that electric powered cars will replace like for like what we casually enjoy now.

The E-Motion was leaked online (isn’t everything these days) so MG have rushed out their release schedule and gone for a full blown official press release.

Not much is known about the MG E-Motion other than it looks very nice and that it will be officially presented at the Shanghai Auto Show.


There isn’t much to say and believe me I would like to fill the column spaces with facts and figures but MG have been quiet about the exact nature of the power unit.

Regardless to say is fairly easy to surmise that the E-Motion is MG’s very own Tesla rival offering. As with all concepts don’t expect the E-Motion to be fully realised if it is at all.

Automotive concepts are primed to be publicity stunts at the least and more often than not the actual production version is so toned down that it ends up looking like a pile of mud.

But at least the MG E-Motion looks nice.


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