Meet The Most Throughly Yorkshire SUV Ever Created, The All New Vauxhall Grandland X


Vauxhall have inadvertently provided Yorkshire with the most Yorkshire sounding name ever created thanks to their all new Grandland X. If you do not know what Yorkshire is, if you do not live in the UK or if you live and work in London and are immune to Great Britain’s indigenous culture then Yorkshire is a place where real men live. Yorkshire is a place within England, nestled in the North where real men eat real butter and where real men drink warm home made beer which is downed in large quantities because there is nothing else to do in Yorkshire other than to say ‘nowt’, chuddy, eh-by-gum and flippin’ ‘eck.

Yorkshire is a place where real men drink real tea which is 100 percent Yorkshire made because it says so on t’h box. Oh Yorkshire… where real men beat their chests.. with cricket bats and where ”mashin” goes hand in hand with ”ow do?”.

Back to the car news.. Vauxhall’s all new SUV, the Grandland X, will make it’s world premiere at the 2017 Frankfurt Motorshow in September.


With seating for five people and a raft of safety technologies the Grandland X measures in at 4.48 metres long, it will be the largest SUV in Vauxhall’s range.

The luggage compartment has a standard load volume of 514 litres with the seat up and1,652 litres with the seats fold down.

The Grandland X offers the latest safety features and assistance technologies such as Adaptive Cruise Control with pedestrian detection and Automatic Emergency Braking, Driver Drowsiness Alert, and Advanced Park Assist.


Modern cars now offer internet connectivity the Grandland X (I can’t believe they named it so) will feature the latest generation of IntelliLink systems and personal connectivity.

This will now include new services such as hotel booking and parking space search. Smartphones can easily be integrated to the infotainment system and charged wirelessly via inductive charging on handsets with this function.

The Grandland X will offer optional electronic Grip Control that ensures traction in diverse driving situations.


The driver has a choice of five driving modes, for each one the system adapts the torque distribution to the front wheels, allows wheel-spin if necessary, and, with the automatic transmission, adjusts shift points as well as throttle response.

Vauxhall haven’t revealed too much about the price or spec/trim or the engine configurations or even the god  damn transmission.

This is typical for a new car release as Vauxhall want to to stretch out the publicity cycle for as long as they can. Just don’t mention the fires….


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