Innocent Gallardo Wiped Out By Incompetent Pro Driver

A bunch of friends in Washington State, Tacoma were having a  supercar Red Letter track testing  day when they got more than they bargained for. A pro driver was warming up a Ferrari 360, the track was wet and one thing you shouldn’t do is over cook it in the wet in a Ferrari 360.

The 360 is known to snap oversteer in wet conditions if you over apply the throttle, the pro driver probably knew this but appears he totally forgot and speared into a stationary Lambo.

YouTuber tantheman, who captured the footage, said ; A professional driver was “warming up” when he crashed . My friend wanted a cool snapchat video when all the sudden he got a really good snapchat. He was mad about them crashing because he was going to drive those cars later in the day. The professional driver blame’s it on the rain…. hahaha lame 


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