Edd China’s New Career Hits Rock Bottom Post Wheeler Dealers

It appears Edd China’s disagreement over the future direction of Wheeler Dealers wasn’t exclusively with the new American Production company. We now know that Edd’s friendship with co-presenter, Mike Brewer, has also been put under severe stress.

So what do the English do in times of trouble?… They head to France to seek sunnier climes while verbally bashing the French and enjoying their wine. Hypocrites.

You see the English like to bash minorities living in their own country for not integrating. what do the English do when they are abroad? They fail to integrate.

The Englishman’s idea of integration is setting up a Fish and Chip shop and serving HP Sauce on a beach front in Spain.

Yes what the English do abroad is lord over the indigenous population thinking they still have an Empire and believing they will win international Football tournaments. every god damn year.

And when these same English folks get back to blighty they lord it over immigrants and tell them to integrate or simply tell them to ‘go back to your own country’.

Thankfully Edd China isn’t ignorant nor does he have an inferiority complex  for Edd is an internationalist.

So in this video the tall one heads to France in a motorised shed he built himself to gain the opinions of French people in Calais.

The video is six years old but since Edd vanquished the Wheeler Dealers set his YouTube Channel has jumped from 30k subs to just over 133k subs in less than a week, and counting.

So if you want to know what Edd’s next career move is then we have one word for you… YouTube… technically that’s two words.


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