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McLaren 650S Successor, The 720S, Leaked Online


McLaren Automotive have been working on a 650S successor for some time now and it appears that some bright spark at a private event for dealers and specially selected customers decided to take advantage of the exclusive preview invite. Over the weekend we finally captured a glimpse of McLaren’s next supercar wunderkind.

The photo was shipped to Instagram man woppum who swiftly uploaded the photo to reveal to the world – well just the automotive world – exactly what the 720S will look like.

We do know this, internally codenamed the P14, what is believed to be a development mule of the 720S was recently caught testing around Surrey by a YouTuber. Successor

So we can already guess what the P14/720S will look like. But thanks to woppum we can see the 720S in all it’s glory, albeit in grainy low light and from the lens of a smart phone.

The smartphone lens renders a slight distortion but we can see key details and one thing that springs out is the areo side-wings that form the door structure.

The 720S is expected to retain the twin-turbo, 3.8-litre V8 engine, but expert some revisions to power delivery and revised turbo settings.

Reports suggest the 720S is likely to field a power output of 700bhp bringing it in line with it’s designated rival, the Ferrari 488 GTB.

The 720S will be officially revealed at the Geneva Motorshow, it will be built around the carbon fibre Monocage II which McLaren say is 18kg lighter and twice as stronge as the previous iteration.

So how much will it cost? A 488 GTB costs around £200k all in, the 650S coupe is as little as makes no difference.

One thing we do know for sure is that the individual responsible for leaking the photo was probably ‘taken care of’.


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