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Everything You Need To Do If You Break Down On The Motorway


Breaking down on a busy motorway is every driver’s worst nightmare. As it’s illegal to stop on them, you won’t find any suitable place to pull over while you tinker in the engine. Instead, you are just going to have to stop as far off the road as is physically possible to try and keep your car well away from the oncoming traffic. Because this isn’t the ideal place to get out of your car, most drivers tend to panic and forget all the important stuff that they need to do in order to raise the alarm.

To make sure you never end up in too much trouble out on the motorway, here are the most important points you need to remember.


All drivers need to be prepared just in case they do break down. The best way to be prepared for a breakdown is to make sure you have all the necessary things in your car that you will need during an emergency. This included the phone number for your local garage, insurance company and a rental firm which will hire a car for cheap. Just in case you break down in the night, you should also have a torch and some spare batteries in your glove compartment. Having some snacks and bottled water in your car is also handy as well, as you never know how long you may have to wait for assistance!

Get Onto The Hard Shoulder

Hopefully, you will never need to use all of your emergency supplies and phone numbers. But if you do ever feel your car failing on the motorway, you need to get onto the hard shoulder as soon as possible. Once you have stopped, turn your wheels as far to the left as they will go. That way, if anything happens, you won’t end up rolling into the oncoming traffic. As soon as you stop, you need to put your hazards light on. If it is dark or very foggy, you should also switch on your side lights for extra visibility.

Get Everyone Out

It is important that you and all your passengers wait outside the car. However, any pets that have been travelling with you should be left inside the car to prevent them from panicking and running into traffic. If you have a mobile phone, call a local garage or repairs company to come and get you and your vehicle. Don’t have a phone? Don’t worry; there are emergency telephones dotted up and down motorways. You won’t have to walk far until you reach one. While you are gone, make sure that your passengers wait for you well off the road. They can stand up the bank or behind the barrier.

Don’t Try And Repair Your Vehicle

It is important that you don’t try and repair your vehicle while you are on a motorway. If something goes wrong, this could cause an even bigger accident. Instead, wait patiently until the recovery vehicle reaches you. The mechanic will take you and your car to the nearest garage to make the necessary repairs.


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