Will Motorshows To Be Replaced By Blogs & Social Media?


Rolls Royce, Volvo and Ford are among a growing crowd of auto manufacturers preferring to skip the the forthcoming Paris Motorshow. The Paris Motorshow receives more than 1.25 million visitors every year making it the biggest Motorshow event to be held anywhere in the world.

The theory goes that if you have access to 1.25 million people during a motorshow event then you are at least going to get a percentage of potential/future buyers.

That’s not necessarily the case anymore as many car companies are targeting blogs and social media such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

At the Paris Motorshow some car manufactures have been known to spend up to 10 million euros on a exhibition. That includes the show stand and often drafting in A-List celebrities.

Aston Martin will also be skipping this years Paris Motorshow, CEO of Aston Martin Andy Palmer said, “There used to be the feeling that you had to be at every motor show. But there are sometimes better ways of doing it than just always spending money on show after show after show.”

Rolls Royce will divert it’s motorshow marketing budget on cocktail parties, test drives and even a fashion party on the beach in Porto Cervo bay in Sardinia.

Lamborghini will also snub the Paris Motorshow as will Volvo. However Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari and Jaguar will be in attendance as will most of the mainstream manufactures.

It may well be the case for some manufactures that motorhow exhibitions go out of fashion for a number of years. And then slowly come back into fashion.

It will depend on how much of a return on investment these manufactures see from these targeted events.

For example if Rolls Royce organise a luxury drive through Italy for a number of invited guests, what happens if these guest just merely take up the opportunity for a free holiday and don’t end up buying a Rolls Royce?


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