Mirror, Signal, Crash At The Trans Am Series 2016

The Trans Am Series has been around since 1966 and it’s still going strong in godd o’l US of A. That can’t be said for one competitor. Paul Fix had an off-course moment at the Mid-Ohio race circuit, nothing too serious it happens.

However when he rejoins the confines of the race track he forgot to notice that there was a race in progress.

It was up to fellow competitor Tristan Herbert to remind Fix of what was happening and as Herbert rounded a blind bend he found Fix stopped in the middle of the track.

The inevitable conclusion  happened, there was a massive collision yet all parties walked away. But it’s the Porsche 911 at 0.06 seconds into the video that is the real hero.

How The hell did the driver manage to control the 911 over the bumpy grass without spinning we will never know. Great car control.

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