Lamborghini Aventador Gets Totally Ripped By Liberty Walk


OK so you have just splashed the cash on a brand new Lamborghini Aventador which even on its own looks fast just standing still. But you want to stand out from the Lambo owning crowd with a bespoke look to your new supercar. What do you do? You have probably already guessed it, you get it “ripped” by Liberty Walk.

You probably already know that Liberty Walk are kind of like after market modifiers. The company is famous for turning the ordinary into head tuners and head turners into “totally ripped.”


That’s what Liberty Walk have done to the Lamborghini Aventador, the mechanicals haven’t been modified so you still get the stock 6.5-litre, 700bhp V12. And you still have to fork out nearly $400k to buy one.

Only 4,000 Aventadors will be made but if you want yours to standout from the crowd then perhaps you might want to ‘Liberty Walk’ it. That is to say Liberty Walk will add its bespoke widebody kit just so a few more heads can turn.


Monster Energy decided to do just that with their corporate Aventador and we’ll say it again, its been totally ripped by Liberty Walk’s out of this world body kit.

But standing out from the crowd does come at a cost, to get that look will cost you an additional $31k. Small change for a new Lambo owner.


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