Stephan “The Suit” Winkelmann Departs Lamborghini


It is with great sadness that we have to report the loss of Stephan Winkelmann who was the CEO of Lamborghini. Lamborghini fans and prospective buyers will remember Winkelmann for his dazzling Motorshow presentations of  his beloved Lamborghini brand.

We here at DCB Towers will miss his assured presence, confident almost statesman like delivery and we will also miss the suits.

Of all the CEO’s involved in the automotive industry Winkelmann was without doubt the best dresser of them all.

The Italian business suit is always designed to be conservative yet possess a casualness that fellow European indeed worldwide business peers fail to match.


Style is never out of fashion for an Italian business professional and German born Winkelmann honors this tradition. Having lived in Italy for 30 years Winkelmann has picked up a few style habits.

Winkelmann’s suits are single-breasted, tailor made, often dark with pinstripes and he seems to prefer a buttonhole in the lapel.

He likes his button cuffs over double cuffs and his shirts often have wide collars. He compliments the shirt and suit by pairing it with a large watch, usually a Rolex Daytona.


This sense of style worked well against the flamboyance of the Lamborghini brand. Sadly we will never see the likes of this brilliant CEO vs corporate brand combination again.

You see Winkelmann isn’t dead he has been poached by Audi to head up the firm’s Quattro performance division.

As Lamborghini CEO Winkelmann over saw a period of success during his 11 years at the helm, tripling revenues and doubling sales to 3,245 during 2015.

Audi hopes Winkelmann can inject the same level of leadership into its R brand of cars as it struggles to gain traction against Mercedes and BMW performance road cars.

Audi R models sell around 17,000 units per year. In comparison BMW’s M division sells over 60k units per year and so to does the Mercedes AMG brand.

Winkelmann’s replacement at Lamborghini will be former Scuderia Ferrari F1 team principle, Stefano Domenicali.


Stephan “The Suit” Winkelmann Departs Lamborghini
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