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Toyota Prius & The Curse of The Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels


We understand that most people will never become city bankers in Central London, they pretend to earn an honest living and look down on the masses knowing they and their elite institutions are too big to fail. Only to end up failing and asking the masses, whom they look down on, to bail them out and so they can repeat the same mistakes again in a perpetual cycle of profitable failure. 

Likewise we understand most people will never own that £120k supercar during their life time because most peoples lives are consumed by Black Fridays, paying off other debts, mortgages, the national debt and paying the debts of the risk taking investment banking sector.

In addition to that we also understand why people like to modify their cars, its a way of personalizing the mundane and turning it into the apple of his or her eyes, a supercar without the super speed or super price tag.

This is called freedom, freedom to impart good or bad taste on others without the fear of repercussion or being accused of becoming a national threat.

So when we stumbled upon this Toyota Prius for sale in a national trade rag it immediately stood out, yes it has been personalized. No it doesn’t feature a massive over-sized wing, or extra wide wheel arches or a ridiculously low ride height. Indeed it looks ordinary, if it were not for those low profile, 18-inch, diamond cut alloy wheels.


Trying to make a Toyota Prius look more sporty is like One Direction trying to convince you they can sing, write songs and actually play musical instruments. What went on in the mind of this Prius owner is similar to what goes on in the minds of One Direction fans, total denial of reality.

We will never know what went on in the mind of this Prius owner but there is good personalisation and then there is bad personalisation but this is plain ugly. Not, may I add, in an aesthetics sense but in WTF! sense.

Owner of the Toyota Prius “sport” and I use that term very, very loosely you should be like every other Prius owner and that is to drive in the slow lane at a precisely fixed speed of 60mph and return 45mpg on a combined journey.

You also should never personalise a Prius again, in any way, the mere act of doing so is an Orwellian thought crime on all of us, and you also have the worst car of the week.


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  • The wheels and the color go great together. Very clean lines…good enough for George Barris but you know more about styling no doubt.. 30 years ago this would have been the concept car of the future in any car magazine. It looks as good as some Italian cars and has a sense of style which a short dick idiot like you cannot fathom because you have no understanding of a purpose-built car. Do you drive an SUV? Check your 0-60 time and you are probably slower than a Prius !!! hahaha..and where DO you drive so much faster these days? Any place where you aren’t paranoid about big brother giving you a speeding ticket and your insurance payments going up more than a house payment?
    Go give your gas money to the Middle Easteners who will use it to infiltrate your country. May you can talk to them the next time you go to a MENSA meeting…oh wait..

    • Peter Fitch, November 9, 2015

      Errmmm… we’re not criticizing the Prius, rather bad after market taste! Loved the comment 😉

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