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Aston Martin is considering ‘floating’ on the stock market in a bid to raise £2.3 billion GBP. The 100 year old company is currently owned by private venture capital, ‘floating’ on the London Stock exchange is the conclusion of a business plan set in motion when Aston was off-loaded by Ford in 2007 and purchased […]

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Dusk is descending in Sayreville New Jersey and one motorcyclist has nowhere to go fast because he wants to get somewhere even quicker for no reason. Speeding and weaving through traffic on a so,so busy road isn’t doing himself or anyone else any favours. Inevitably it ends in unmitigated disaster as the motorcyclist mistimes an […]

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by , 21st May 17 10:00 am

You may have heard about the Skoda Karoq already its the replacement for the Yeti. The Karoq is a more refined design – inside and out – than the distinctive and impossibly quirky looking Yeti. The Yeti is dead long live the Karoq. Skoda want to increase the number of cars it sells, more cars […]

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by , 19th May 17 3:39 pm

We don’t don’t flag wave, we don’t do nationalism or socialism and we here at DCB Towers certainly don’t vote and no we do not watch Fox News. We don’t beat the drums of national pride and hell we don’t do false patriotism or even real patriotism. What is it that makes and defines a country? America […]

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by , 18th May 17 1:13 pm

The SUV… every manufacture worth its weight in gold is building an SUV from Alfa Romeo to Aston Martin… why? because of changing consumer preferences you, yes you, are buying more of them. Many years ago few car companies had a finger in the SUV pie now every other manufacture wants to eat the same […]

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