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by , 21st Jan 19 11:53 am

The Moon, an ever-present in-animate object dancing with the earth’s gravity, powering tidal forces and illuminating the night sky. Such power is reserved only for mother nature yet it does exist here on earth. We call it the Toyota Hilux. It’s seemingly been around as long as the moon has been orbiting the earth.  And the Hilux […]

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by , 19th Jan 19 8:19 pm

In an effort to stay content relevant and out of sheer desperation to keep the news cycle going on a slow news day we have decided to start a new feature. It may well end up being entirely pointless and to be honest this writer did not want to do a Daily Mail style feature on […]

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by , 18th Jan 19 7:16 pm

The new owners of Lotus are planning to build a new production facility in China. Geely Holding Group has ambitions of increasing Lotus production volume. Therefore by proxy, Geely intends to introduce new Lotus models. The new models will almost certainly be SUVs and electric cars. The Lotus China production facility could essentially compliment Lotus’ current […]

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by , 18th Jan 19 2:38 pm

In a rare moment of innovative thought from Ford, the McDonalds of the automotive industry has announced plans to make the McDonalds of electric vehicles. Ford’s very own super-double-whammy-whopper, otherwise known as the Ford F150 Pickup will made available as an all-electric derivative. When Ford starts jumping on the electric car bandwagon you can be sure they […]

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by , 18th Jan 19 1:25 pm

Scotty Kilmer appears to have escaped captivity since his last hostage video. So we presume his hostage days are over because he is free to breathe the open air again. In today’s open-air video Kilmer advises YouTubers on 5 used cars to avoid buying. The first target is BMW Mini. To cut a long story […]

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