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Formula 1 racing has experienced a relative lack of drama in the last few years, at least as far as the total season is concerned. There’s always a little bit of drama between drivers (or between drivers and their own teams), and any individual race can be an incredible thrill. That, after all, is why […]

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by , 17th Nov 17 2:42 pm

If you own or are thinking about buying a Volkswagen, you’ll most likely be familiar with the “emissions scandal” of September 2015. A close friend of mine worked for the company as a service advisor for the company at the time, and the shambolic way in which the company handled the fiasco (and the ire […]

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by , 17th Nov 17 1:12 pm

In what appears to be a take over of this website by Tesla, which it isn’t, the anything electric goes maker of electric vehicles have finally removed the veil of secrecy to reveal their all new electric truck. Elon Musk, the billionaire founder and CEO of Tesla, unsurprisingly has lofty ambitions in so far as he […]

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by , 17th Nov 17 12:08 pm

Despite production delays and quite possibly more delays of its current model range Tesla has been busy pushing forward with it’s newest offering, the all-new Tesla Roadster. The sleekest looking Tesla of them all also promises to be the fastest. The 200kWh battery pack allows the Roadster to rocket from 0-60mph in 1.9 seconds. But it […]

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by , 16th Nov 17 11:58 am

To coincide with the recent launch of Gran Turismo Sport, Daily Car Blog was invited to participate in an eSport event hosted by Playstation UK our task was to compete against the elites of British motoring journalists. Thus the challenge was set, Wednesday 8th November, the time 19:30hrs, the venue… a borrowed PS4, a makeshift gaming […]

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