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by , 21st Feb 20 4:50 pm

From time to time we go full-on ‘DailyMail’ by exaggerating the banner headlines with block capitals to make and underscore an assertive point. However, we don’t do the full-Daily-Mail which is built around a framework of tried and trusted bullying, bigotry, xenophobia, the egregious list is endless. Nevertheless, the Daily Mail is considered the vanguard […]

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by , 21st Feb 20 1:19 pm

With Mercedes F1 revealing their innovative DAS – Dual Axis Steering – system at pre-season testing, we’ve gone all toe-in and toe-out… for one day only. So what is this Toe-in and Toe-out all about? Engineering Explained super tech nerd gives a brief explanation. But if you want a more detailed explanation good old British […]

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by , 21st Feb 20 12:54 pm

The first Formula One pre-season test is merely a systems check, an important first step for all teams to go from computer-based simulations to real-world testing. Pre-season testing is an opportunity for F1 teams to see if data-driven, AI computer modeling and simulation correlates to on-track performance. At this stage it doesn’t really matter who […]

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by , 19th Feb 20 5:01 pm

How much should you spend on your first car? Are you ready to buy your first car, but aren’t sure how much money you should spend on it? Figuring out how much money you should put toward a new car isn’t a one size fits all thing, and we are going to help you figure out […]

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by , 19th Feb 20 4:24 pm

When trying to ‘get down’… ‘man’ with the Australians one must become Australian… ‘mate’. But we’re no ‘ankle biters’ ermm ‘fair dinkum’… ‘mate’ ‘chubtossers’ we’re simply doing our civic duty to bring the world into clearer focus. Youtuber car nut Adam ‘the bludger’ LZ heads on ‘down under’ to the land of Australia to get […]

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