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If you attended a car meet in the middle of the night and bumped into some odd-ball spontaneously making noises your natural instincts would kick in and you would get the hell out of the area as quick as possible. However, maybe you might stick around if Danny from down under was in attendance. Danny […]

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A title loan taken for emergency purposes can seem to be convenient at the time and the right thing to do but you should be warned, not all that glitters is gold and you should look before you leap. Title loans are easy to acquire and be approved of than any other loan. The title […]

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G-Power has been tuning/modifying mainly German cars since 1983 rather unsurprising considering they are based in Germany. The W212 Mercedes AMG E63 S estate got the full G-Power treatment, clearly, the original 603bhp was not enough. G-Power reworked the E63 S 4.0-litre, twin-turbo V8 first by reprogramming the ECU and then by fitting their own bespoke turbochargers, […]

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by , 14th Aug 18 11:26 am

If you went to a pub, somewhere in Englandshire and someone told you, usually a ‘he’, they had witnessed a Camel trying to free itself after becoming stuck in a car you would leave the pub immediately fearing the individual was about to sell you a stolen laptop as well as trying to persuade you to watch the […]

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by , 14th Aug 18 11:05 am

If the rumors of Fernando Alonso are correct, then Red Bull may well have just signed the Spaniard on a two-year contract. If true then it would be an about-face considering the levels of criticism Alonso threw at Honda when the engine manufacturer failed to deliver during its return to McLaren. Honda’s return to McLaren ended with […]

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