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by , 21st Aug 17 5:19 pm

Seems like someone at BMW has got a rogue employee who wants to bite back at the hand that feeds him or possibly her. Pictures of the latest generation M5 were leaked over the interweb and rather predictably it’s all meat and bones, in other words, a typical looking BMW M5. The grainy looking pictures were […]

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by , 21st Aug 17 2:08 pm

So, hold it, who is Ken Okuyama? A renowned Japanese industrial designer who worked a legendary auto Italian design studio, Pininfarina, and who also designed the Porsche 996. Yes, the one with the fried egg-shaped headlights. Ken also supervised the design of the Ferrari Enzo and has also had a spell at General Motors. The master […]

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by , 21st Aug 17 12:00 pm

I think Oprah Winfrey said it best, the reason why she does not use the n-word is because it is the last word her ancestor’s, Southern slave victims, heard as they were strung up and hanged by white supremacists. So why Sam Michael Fane, aka Seen Through Glass, aka Lord Thrillbilly, is using a music track […]

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by , 21st Aug 17 10:00 am

You won’t see many of these GLC 63 S 4MATIC SUV and Coupe on the UK roads, priced from £68k and £71k respectively, these compact luxury SUVs are treading into Range Rover territory so why would you choose these knuckleheads over a Ranger Rover proper? Thankfully UK residents will have some time to think things over, […]

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by , 18th Aug 17 4:53 pm

We don’t know what kind of drug the folks over at McLaren Special Operations were taking but it seems like they had one hell of a time over at Woking. This bespoke McLaren 720S was commissioned by a private client, entrepreneur, Michael Fux who specified this fuchsia paintwork to match his personal taste. The finished car […]

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