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There is no doubt thousands of athletes across the globe have had a kill from their sweat. Some are known for boasting flamboyant lifestyles. This is especially the case when it comes to their choice of lavish cars and spendthrift homes. These professional athletes’ paychecks read millions of dollars annually but they are equally making […]

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He’s back, Edd China has got a new job after he decided to leave popular car repair show, Wheeler Dealers. Let’s face it Edd was the prime reason why Wheeler Dealers is/was/is successful. As you know he had major disagreements with the future direction of the show after it was bought by an American TV production firm. […]

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Mercedes has revealed a made for only China A Class long-wheelbase saloon at the Beijing Auto Show. It’s well known that the Chinese car buying consumer prefers to own a car that offers extra rear legroom, so Mercedes quickly realized the A-Class hatch would never work… I mean to sell in sufficient numbers. To cater […]

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by , 24th Apr 18 4:39 pm

German manufacturer BMW is a brand that you cannot go wrong with. They are known for their exceptional build-quality and luxury design, which also means that their automobiles make excellent second-hand cars too (this can also make them much more affordable). Here are the best used BMW vehicles to keep your eyes peeled if you […]

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by , 24th Apr 18 4:24 pm

The Studebaker Corporation was a car company founded in 1853 that originally made horse-drawn wagons for farmers, miners and the military. By 1902 they turned to making electric cars, the reason why electric cars didn’t take off was down to basic economics. Installing an electrified grid to support electric cars was prohibitively expensive compared to gasoline-powered […]

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