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by , 15th Dec 17 8:15 pm

Whenever you visit the US of A and you happen to be from a non-white background then the likely hood is that you will be considered a threat to national security. Therefore the chances of you being shot dead are very high, shot dead because Americans are afraid of everything, especially terrorists. And M&Ms. For the Anglo-Saxon […]

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by , 13th Dec 17 12:30 pm

So you’ve passed your driving test, congratulations! Your next step is to choose your first car. When choosing your first car, your choice will be affected by budget, insurance and how easy the car is to drive. Everyone remembers their first car, so making those memories positive rather than negative is crucial. It’s not just […]

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by , 12th Dec 17 11:27 am

Mercedes have finally revealed the price for the new CLS 4-door coupe, the entry-level 350d 4Matic AMG Line will cost £57,510. That’s without options. Many are regaling the new CLS will be powered by straight-six petrol and diesel engines. The basic fact about a straight-six (inline) engine over a V6 is that the straight-six provides […]

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by , 11th Dec 17 3:23 pm

Updating an icon is every car manufacturer’s worst fear. Not only does this risk a fall in sales but diehard fans can be lost forever. When it came to updating the classic Wrangler, Jeep had a near-impossible task, however, at first glance, it seems the SUV producer has pulled it off. The age old saying, […]

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by , 11th Dec 17 3:07 pm

Actually, we created the above headline for comedic effect, Richard Hammond, one part of the holy trinity that forms the Grand Tour, talks about crashing the £1m Rimac Concept One Electric Hypercar. Only eight Rimac Conept One’s were ever built, now only seven remain. The Concept One is a £1m 1,073hp hypercar, Hammond destroyed his loaned unit […]

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