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Brash, self-styled Lord of YouTube and supercar owner, courtesy of working for daddy’s supercar hire firm, (god, we’re sounding like the racist scum-rag the Dailymail) has been handed down a 12-month driving ban for excessive speeding. Aleem Iqbal, aka Lord Aleem has built up a hefty following on YouTube which sees the brummy dummy (now […]

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by , 23rd Sep 17 8:16 pm

REVEALED: The public’s strangest driving and car-related queries “Can you drive a car without fuel” and “how do I drive with one foot” are just two examples of results that have come from the latest research into the public’s online driving queries and searches. Google has been confirmed as our main port of call for […]

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by , 21st Sep 17 2:15 pm

For Audi the future really has gotten a step closer, spy shots of the exterior are now floating around the interweb. Audi isn’t hiding the Q8 under a mangle of add-on camouflage what you see is literally what you get. But it’s the interior that is sparking the biggest debate, at least we here at DCB Towers […]

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by , 21st Sep 17 12:13 pm

This video is yet another shameless plug for yet another highly caffeine-laced energy drink by NOS, which is owned by the Monster Beverage Corporation, the same peeps who do all that Hoonigan Monster Energy soft drink stuff… which is just fully loaded with caffeine. Chris Fosberg is a Formula Drift competitor who drives his Neesan 370Z to […]

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by , 21st Sep 17 10:12 am

Sadly this extreme McLaren Ultimate Vision GT is just an extreme visionary concept destined for the virtual world of the PlayStation 4 where players will be able to drive it on a virtual track. However real-time thinking was used by McLaren’s pool of designers and engineers to create this concept. The driver doesn’t sit in the […]

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