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by , 22nd Jan 18 9:52 pm

If you own a vehicle–whether it’s a truck, SUV, van, station wagon, sedan, or any other kind of vehicle–there’s one thing you can be certain of: some day, it’s bound to reach “junk car status.” You can only do so much to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. Eventually, you’ll hit a point where you’re […]

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by , 22nd Jan 18 4:15 pm

Cars have come a long way since the first Ford Model T rolled off the assembly line back in the early 1900s. We’ve seen things like overhead camshafts, seatbelts, navigation and even automatic transmissions move from the realm of science fiction into reality, becoming standard equipment on an enormous variety of vehicles. With this in […]

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by , 22nd Jan 18 3:46 pm

There is little doubt Fernando Alonso is one of the best drivers of his generation, perhaps of all time. So why hasn’t he won more championships than the two he has accumulated? Certainly, there is no denying his commitment from behind the wheel, it’s his consistency and ability to drive a bad car fast that […]

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by , 22nd Jan 18 2:07 pm

His name is Alex Choi, looks like a boy sounds like a man, he is already a multi-millionaire, tech CEO and SEO expert so one wonders why does he have the need to start up his own YouTube channel?  Usually, we say… money. But Choi already has plenty of cash floating around from his SEO […]

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by , 20th Jan 18 11:00 pm

Aston Martin are developing the AM-RB 001 hybrid supercar with Red Bull Racing. While in development the car was called the ‘AM-RB 001’ (I know, catchy!) it was then briefly referred to as the ‘Nebula’ but Aston Martin finally settled on ‘Valkyrie’. You will also see it referred to as a hyper car which reflects […]

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