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by , 17th May 18 11:04 am

Transforming Lives: Socially Meaningful Technological Developments Technological developments are transforming peoples’ lives. Today, there are few sectors unaffected by technology, and generally, these technological developments are viewed positively. Although there are fears that children are failing to develop certain such as handwriting, due to the ubiquity of computer use, these fears are often mitigated by […]

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by , 17th May 18 10:26 am

Ford coupes and sedans are about as iconic as you can get without driving a Mustang. You can’t go anywhere without seeing a Taurus, a Focus or one of the other little two- or four-door cars they’ve manufactured over the decades. That’s why it was such a surprise when Ford announced a decision to stop […]

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by , 16th May 18 1:15 pm

We are staunch supporters of the diesel-powered car, getting many more miles over a petrol equivalent seems like magic, like a scientific miracle. After watching this video from Hubbub, an eco-mental-hippy-type non-profit organization we are now convinced that diesel cars shouldn’t be phased out but that moves should be made to ban sales of all […]

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by , 16th May 18 12:48 pm

Haven’t Tesla already phased out ICE powerplants? In actuality Tesla manufactures pure electric cars, we all know that of course. But Volvo was the first of the major premium car brands to unequivocally state that for it the days of the diesel ICE engine is all but over. When the new generation Volvo S60 saloon launches […]

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by , 16th May 18 11:21 am

If you’re a fellow adrenaline junkie, then perhaps you’ve been dreaming of the ultimate freedom that comes from pitting man and machine against mother nature. Off-roading allows us to indulge our passion for machinery with a love of the outdoors. Combine the experience with camping, fishing or hunting, and you’ve got yourself an unforgettable boys’ […]

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