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by , 18 hours ago

The Yeti served its purpose and now it’s time to move on, Skoda has and so should you, that’s why they replaced the latter with the all-new Karoq. The Karoq is based on the same platform used by the SEAT Ateca and VW Tiguan. Cheaper labour costs in the Czech Republic mean Skoda are able to offer the […]

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by , 20 hours ago

It’s been a while since we lasted visited Mo Vlogs, the Dubai based Youtuber who spends his days driving expensive cars in and around the streets of Dubai. Mo’s family is already loaded his YouTube channel has made him independently fully loaded. Mo’s latest purchase is/was the Lamborghini’s flagship warp drive, the £300k, 217mph, 690bhp, 689Nm […]

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by , 19th Sep 17 3:31 pm

Owning a McLaren supercar is rare indeed unless you are a multi-millionaire or unless you are using finance to fund a fantasy lifestyle built upon mountains of real debt. However you are paying for your McLaren supercar, the millionaire, billionaire and the indebted have another excuse to form a line for limited edition V8 twin-turbo 570GT Sports […]

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by , 19th Sep 17 1:30 pm

It’s amazing to think that the Robin Reliant lasted over 30 years in production. Whats even more amazing is the fact that the Reliant company, based in Tamworth England, remained barely viable for over 60 years. The Reliant company specialised in making 3-wheeled cars, except for the Scimitar SS1 which actually had four genuine wheels. Perhaps […]

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by , 19th Sep 17 11:16 am

In perhaps the first example of a fashion fail in modern history MotoManTV presenter ( a Canadian) gets behind the wheel of the brand new Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo. This is not a match made in heaven and to compound matters MotoMan decides to distract us all by wearing a red check shirt balanced with red and […]

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