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by , 29th May 20 9:56 am

Being a highly successful motoring/formula 1 blog opens many doors and is a pathway to new opportunities. We have the privilege of access to exclusives purely based on name recognition, integrity, professionalism and top-quality journalism. Around the world, everyone has heard of the Daily Car Blog and this name recognition has A-List celebrities constantly knocking […]

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by , 28th May 20 3:50 pm

We’ll keep this one fairly simple. The Mini Country, first introduced in 2010 and now entering its second generation mid-cycle update is what it is. A mid-cycle-update, which means mid-cycle update type-things (top-quality journalism). The Mini Countryman is a classic oxymoron in that Mini is famed for making small city cars whereas the Countryman is, […]

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by , 28th May 20 2:49 pm

It’s so embarrassing being Great British right now, we have a hapless government gleefully leading a country into the abyss of a ghastly pandemic. However, nothing can compare to the other Great British embarrassment, the Great British driver. Think about it for a minute, this country has given the motor racing world some great driving […]

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by , 28th May 20 2:15 pm

Over the past ten weeks Skoda has ensured aftersales facilities have remained open for emergency services, key workers, and emergency repairs. From June 1st further services will be safely reintroduced and adhere to all government guidelines. Working under government guidelines, Skoda will introduce a contactless service for customers collecting a new vehicle, which will be […]

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by , 28th May 20 1:52 pm

The Volvo XC40 Recharge Pure Electric – Volvo’s first all-electric car – is now available for UK customers to order. The first of five fully electric cars to be launched by the Swedish company over the next five years, the XC40 Recharge Pure Electric P8 is capable of traveling more than 249 miles on a […]

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