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by , 28th Apr 17 3:06 pm

Usually when a man from the Nigerian community drives around in a modified Range Rover the suspicion from snowflakes and some non-snowflakes is to presume instant guilt over innocence of what ever crime this portion of the constantly frightened population imagine or actually believe ethnic minorities are engaging in. Because the majority UK Anglo-Saxon population is naturally […]

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by , 26th Apr 17 3:48 pm

As F1 strives to make Formula One safer for all those whom compete out on track recent years has seen research devoted to driver head protection in the form of a Halo and or a shield. The FIA strongly favoured the Halo and it was trailed in tests during the 2016 season. However now F1 […]

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by , 25th Apr 17 1:15 pm

France is meant to represent the height of modern European civilisation the food, the architecture, the culture, the language, the traditions are all so much more refined than what you will find in England. You see the British don’t have very much culture at all. Because it rains mostly in England the British spend their days in […]

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by , 25th Apr 17 11:05 am

Remember Khyzyl Saleem? Let us remind you, he is a concept artist working within the games industry for EA, Ghost Games. In his spare time he likes to further hone his artistic skills by causally conceptualising yet another outlandish car inspired concept. This time Khyzyl has set his sights on the La Ferrari and this concept has […]

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by , 24th Apr 17 10:50 am

We know about ratings because when you have the next door neighbours dog, Charlie the stray cat and a mysterious squirrel as your daily audience then that is a measure of success by which all others should never be judged. But it seems even Charlie the stray cat isn’t bothering to watch new Top Gear as […]

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