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British motoring brand Mini, which is owned by BMW, has unveiled the second generation Mini Countryman. The Countryman was Mini’s biggest ever model until it lost this meaningless intra-brand battle to the latest spec Clubman. Now the Countryman wrestled the title back becoming the biggest Mini model in the brand’s history… sigh… The Clubman is […]

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We all know that BMW drivers are mad there is something about this German automotive brand that attracts a certain insane individual and we’re not talking Germany during the 1930’s or the Wiemar Republic. So what is it about BMW owners/drivers that makes them so idiotic? We here at DCB believe most BMW drivers are suffering […]

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The used car marketplace is an increasingly popular option for motorists from across the globe. However, a lot of consumers enter the market with the wrong idea of how to gain success. A number of inaccuracies and slightly skewed perceptions plague the concept of buying a used car. Here are some of the most common that […]

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New drivers may find themselves quite intimidated by the task of maintaining their engine. Heck, even people who have been driving for several decades aren’t really taking care of their engine properly! It’s important to understand precisely what goes into a good engine check. Of course, proper maintenance of an engine may vary from car to […]

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by , 25th Oct 16 1:05 pm

The problem with the current gen Ford Marstang is many not least that the design is clearly based on the Aston Martin DB9 but no one in the motoring press seems to be calling out the evil doers at Ford for this copyright breach. The problem with the motoring press is that they have been bought […]

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