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If you’re thinking of buying a car for the first time ever, congratulations! Getting your own ride is one of the first and most major steps of adult life. Even if you’ve been an adult for some time, getting that first car means new opportunities and certainly much more independence. Since a car means a […]

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Oh for goodness sake Harris, BMW M2, sideways. We know you have superior car control but can you please drive the car properly on circuit so we can see how the car behaves. So we can see the change of direction at low to mid speed and we don’t have look through a cloud of […]

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OK, so the McLaren 720S is a seriously sophisticated piece of engineering, it’s a stunning car to look at as much as it is a stunningly good drive. The latter being somewhat of an understatement. But with great power comes great responsibility and just as Spiderman realised what that meant so too does McLaren. It’s the McLaren Spider. […]

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by , 9 hours ago

What makes hatchbacks so popular? Perhaps their practical and economical nature contribute to their wide appeal. A popular choice as a starter car for families and individuals alike, technology in hatchbacks has advanced in leaps and bounds. 2019 promises to be an exciting year for this category with several releases lined up. Let’s take a […]

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We got thinking, which is something we very rarely do, and the subject of Proton suddenly materialised out of thin air. And that got us asking the simple question. Whatever happened to Proton in the UK. Malaysian manufacturer Proton entered the UK market in the mid-1990s. They were essentially previous generation Mitsubishis. And they were simple, […]

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