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by , 10th Dec 19 10:44 am

The Volkswagen Touareg, a big luxury bargain or just another conveyor belt product from the Volkswagen? It’s a bit of both, to be honest. It’s been around since 2002 and as of 2018 it entered it’s third generation re-invention. Now it’s a little bit longer, a little bit wider. And that’s the history lesson over […]

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by , 6th Dec 19 1:48 pm

A car is a crucial asset, but it takes a lot of hard workand caring to maintain its reliability. Used cars require more attention compared to new ones. Regular car care ensures that you save money that you could have used for major repairs. Even if your vehicle is new, visit dig my ride to […]

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by , 5th Dec 19 1:38 pm

BMW really does want to eat their cake, all of it including the cherries and the crumbs. When we read that BMW was suing component suppliers Denso and Valeo over price-fixing we couldn’t believe the double standards involved. between 2004 and 2013 BMW formed a cartel with Mercedes and Volkswagen to fix the price of […]

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by , 5th Dec 19 11:58 am

As the Christmas season closes in, and people forget that it isn’t merely about buying presents, eating an irrelevant turkey, and not realizing that the day Jesus was born – December 25th – is actually a pagan invention. Religious scholars argue that there is no definitive date to accurately know for ceratin on what day […]

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by , 5th Dec 19 11:22 am

Ford is marching on as strong as ever as it continues to dazzle the car buying world with its dreary range of SUVs. And it gets no more dreary than the all-new Ford Kuga which is set to make its UK debut in early 2020. The First Edition model will kick off the sales marketing […]

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