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by , 18th Feb 17 4:47 pm

They say that style is never out of fashion, they also say that the Disneyfication of the Star Wars franchise will develop into a musical. One day in a galaxy far, far away. Whatever the truth behind style being never out of fashion or a dreadful Star Wars musical there is one constant truth we […]

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by , 9th Feb 17 12:09 am

Driving might be one of the most useful and enjoyable activities in the world, but nobody likes the associated costs. But while it’s little more than a grip for some drivers, others find that those expenses are almost enough to make them sell their car altogether. In truth, it rarely gets to that stage as the […]

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by , 8th Feb 17 10:08 pm

What else did you expect from a BMW owner, the video is 22 seconds long but long enough to confirm the sheer stupidity that drivers get upto from behind the wheel. The incident happened on a motorway somewhere in jerk-water United Kingdom . The innocent party was in the fast lane minding his own business […]

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by , 8th Feb 17 8:06 pm

Fiat is currently under investigation by the EU over emissions cheating but that hasn’t stopped the Italian/British/American company from investing heavily into it’s most treasured brand Alfa Romeo. The goals are ambitious the financial investment is risky, €5 billion in total and eight new model launches by 2018. There have already been delays and the launch […]

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by , 7th Feb 17 3:05 pm

Luxury cars are an expensive investment. Let’s face it, we don’t buy one on a whim and we probably spend months or years researching all the different cars or looking at magazines until we fall in love with one. Perhaps you’re looking at a Mercedes S-Class saloon, or maybe you like something that looks a […]

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