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by , 17th Jan 20 8:09 pm

Many of us are avid motorists who enjoy the thrill of the open road, steady Sunday drives, or simply picking a direction and driving for a while. However, what if something happens if you develop a fear that profoundly upsets this pastime?  Fitness to Drive Driving and mental illness are two things not often linked, […]

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by , 17th Jan 20 3:06 pm

If you’ve been keeping up with automotive news, trends, and companies at all, you’ve probably noticed the increasing mentions of car restorations – classic cars are having an unprecedented bout of popularity and that popularity has resulted in this industry booming beyond levels previously thought unimaginable. With this unprecedented popularity, a lot of articles have […]

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by , 17th Jan 20 11:55 am

James Bond, 007, has had a pretty impressive history with his cars. It has been pretty successful, right? However, he has gone through so many high-end vehicles quicker than he has had hot dinners. As one film ends, the cars often look a little worse for wear than it did right when the film started. […]

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by , 17th Jan 20 11:24 am

Dubai is a dry desert country, annual rainfall totals of 10 mm/year. It is also one of the fastest urbanising countries in the world, a trend that is expected to continue well into the future. Due to the dry environment, little attention has been paid to drainage infrastructure master planning. The combination of rapid development […]

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by , 17th Jan 20 10:40 am

Time is the enemy for all of us even inanimate non-sentient objects such as the Bentley Mulsanne. The Mulsanne moniker has graced the Bentley line up since the 1980s. With changing consumer tastes and tougher emissions regulations the age of the Mulsanne has drawn to an end. What a magnificent and elegant car it was,  […]

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