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by , 3rd Apr 20 1:27 pm

Engineering Explained Youtube man gets to grip with the incredible Koenigsegg Gemera. The Gemera is a super-hybrid-hypercar powered in part by a 2.0-liter, 3-cylinder 600bhp ICE engine. Koenigsegg refers to the engine as the TFG, Tiny Friendly Giant, because of its low capacity and high horsepower ratio. In total, including electric power, the Koenigsegg Gemera […]

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by , 3rd Apr 20 12:21 pm

What is the value of the Mazda MX-5? Why does Mazda continue to sell the MX-5 when consumer demand is solely focused on SUVs? Why doesn’t Mazda discontinue the MX-5 and have done with it? The MX-5, it isn’t useful anymore except to a bunch of motoring journalists who will give deliberately positive reviews in […]

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by , 3rd Apr 20 11:20 am

Well, it’s an end of an era of sorts for Volvo, some may say this Volvo milestone is half-hearted others may say it doesn’t go far enough. Electric cars will become the defacto standard once governments wean auto manufacturers off fossil fuel-powered cars. But at the moment car manufactures want to extend the end-of-life period […]

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by , 3rd Apr 20 10:28 am

We should have started a YouTube channel ages ago. But as we have said time and time again none of us here at DCB HQ Lockdown has the basic competence to be interesting enough to do YouTube well enough. Shelby Church is one such YouTuber who does have the competence. Shelby Church is the new […]

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by , 1st Apr 20 3:23 pm

Whilst the coronavirus outbreak has cast a shadow of doubt over much of the UK’s retail sector it is still possible to purchase a brand new car – but you should wait for the delivery of it until after restrictions are lifted. Despite dealer forecourts being closed there are still ways to get your hands on a […]

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