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Vehicles don’t come cheap, and they are assets you must maintain to keep them in excellent working conditions. A faulty car can cause losses in time and money, but it can also be detrimental to the safety of the motorist and passengers. That’s why auto repair and regular car maintenance is important. There are plenty […]

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In the motoring journalism bubble, motoring journalists are instructed by their Editors to “smooch” with auto manufacturers. You are not meant to criticise any motoring organization and you always use adjectives such as “surprisingly good” as a substitute to saying “it’s crap”. We here at the Daily Car Blog see ourselves as automotive emissaries, we […]

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The electric future is happening right now and it’s happening very, very, very fast. As we say, if you are interested in buying an electric car, any electric car then go for a Tesla. Tesla has gone through the early adopter pain all for your personal gain. Tesla simply offers the best electric car products […]

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by , 8th Nov 19 4:48 pm

Aston Martin has faced and overcome many uncertainties over the course of its history. However, and not for the first time, Aston Martin is facing yet another period of uncertainty. The British supercar maker revealed a $17.4 million loss in the three months to the end of September. Vehicle sales have dropped by 16 percent […]

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by , 8th Nov 19 3:11 pm

The Formula 1 season may not yet be over on paper, but it is in practice. Two races remain – one in Brazil and one in Abu Dhabi. Both of them will be dead rubbers. The construction’s championship is, yet again, in the hands of Mercedes. Even more predictably, the driver’s championship is in the […]

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