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As you may well know by now the Honda Civic has been given a bit of a makeover, and while the new 10th generation styling might be acquired taste it has now been joined by a prototype version of the next generation Type R. This is what it could look like. That aggressive wide body […]

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If you live in America everything is always billed as the ‘the world’s greatest’ from deep fried apple strudels laced with a cheese sauce topping, to the worlds’greatest strawberry’s laced with a cheese sauce topping and a cheese sauce topping laced with a double cream sauce topping finished off with a cheese sauce topping. Everything […]

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So it’s finally here the all new Land Rover Discovery, looking like a bigger version of the Discovery Sport we can’t help but be a little bit disappointed with the looks because we felt the Discovery Mk 3 hadn’t aged a day since it was launched back in 2004. Maybe the Discovery 5 should have been […]

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This is the Renault Trezor concept. With it’s wrap around windowscreen creating a semi floating roof effect, set in desolate countryside that only drug dealers and serial killers would use, the Trezor concept is just that… a concept. As we always say concepts are rarely turned into production volumes due to a number of factors, the […]

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by , 27th Sep 16 12:02 pm

With nothing better to do and not wanting to tacitly support The Grand Tour or Top Gear we decided to opt for the easiest solution on a slow news day. Burnouts, drifts and donuts. If you ever attend the Goodwood Festival of Speed then you will hear, smell and see supercars and hypercars actually being driven. […]

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