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by , 21 hours ago

McLaren has reportedly offered Daniel Ricciardo very expensive hanging fruit in the form of a $20m per-year contract. Ricciardo is out of contract when the 2018 F1 campaign ends and understandably is weighing up his options. With Red Bull F1 switching to Honda power for 2019 and McLaren using Renault power, Ricciardo will have knowledge […]

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by , 22 hours ago

Our personal war with Very British Rolls Royce UK is coming to an end, as we negotiate a truce, one can not help but wonder what this war achieved. There were many casualties, this is the nature of warfare, it is an ugly breakdown of humanity where no one wins. Well actually we lost more […]

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by , 23 hours ago

OK, so the Audi A1 was leaked on the interweb before the official press release, but out of respect, we decided not go for clickbait headlines. We had to take the dog for a walk because he is employed to physically click on Daily Car Blog all day 7 days per week, to artificially boost our […]

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by , 19th Jun 18 4:45 pm

Sports cars are popularly considered as a symbol of financial strength. Anyone who can afford such a vehicle is financially well, many believe. Money is not always the key problem. There are people who can afford a sports car, but their circumstances do not allow the purchase of such a car. The classic example: fathers. […]

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by , 19th Jun 18 12:54 pm

The cars we loved used to all be about speed, style, sophistication, and to some extent they still are. But now there’s a new factor at play when we make our choices. Although electric cars still only make up around 1% of the global car market, the trend towards eco-friendly cars is growing. More Americans […]

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