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When Sergio Perez was involved in two race incidents during the 2018 Singapore Grand Prix the FIA were found to be absent. The Singapore GP is like a bigger and faster version of Monaco. The first collision occurred at the start of the race. As Perez battled his for position, in the opening lap, and sensing his teammate […]

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Ferrari has unveiled the SP1 and SP2 the first in a line of special ultra limited edition models. Both the Ferrari SP1 and Sp2 draw inspiration from the 1950’s motor racing era. That said, it’s unusual for Ferrari to chose a retro design language. Ferrari is a forward thinking company so to choose this particular retro style in an […]

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During the early 20th century the ‘glove-box’ was a compartment to keep your gloves in, a necessity during the infancy of automobiles. Cars were often uncovered meaning your hands could get quite chilly. Today, cars have evolved immensely, as have glove boxes, they are no longer just for gloves but for the motoring necessities of the […]

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In the most unlikely of alliances, Volkswagen is working with Hewlett Packard in developing new 3D printed metal parts. If the venture is successful then VW could introduce 3D printing as a standard part of its manufacturing process. HP has already developed a “Metal Jet” 3D printing machine, it’s being used by GKN, a UK […]

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Rich Rebuilds Youtube man gives an update on his $6500 Tesla Model S. Rich, or car guru, as he is sometimes referred to, purchased two written off Teslas. The mission was to rebuild one using parts from the other. He also scours the US for any Tesla parts he can find. Since we first featured Rich Rebuilds YouTube man […]

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